Recent airfield activity – Dec 2011

We have had more than week of real nice flying weather lately (last of November and Early December). The mornings have started out a little foggy and cold, (near freezing) but the sun comes out bright and quickly burns away the fog and heats everything up nicely by about 10:00 AM. Several flyers have taken advantage of the good weather; Ken, Eric, Tim, Gary, Bob, Ken, Steve, Stan, Matt, Stuart, Pete and John have all been out at the airfield lately. Don Masterson brought out his medium sized electric blade heli and flew it around very well. Don was very active in the club in the 90’s and early 2000’s and he is possibly considering getting a Trex 450. Steve flew his new TRex 700 which made a big presence in the air and on the ground. He also tested out the 35% YAK that he converted from electric to DA50 gas. I tested out my new (to me) Trex 550E and am very pleased with it. Tim flew his new 40 size aerobatic model. Bob changed the incidence on his champ which tamed down the landings. It’s been a good week for flying and it looks like the dry but cold weather will continue for awhile.