2012 Tillamook Fun Fly was June 9th

The June 9th Fun Fly in Tillamook went very well.  We enjoyed flights of all types of aircraft; gliders, quadcopters, realistic scale, giant scale, pattern, stunters, 3-d helicopters, warbirds, and a variety of electric and fueled sport planes. Thankfully, the bad weather cleared up overnight before the event started and the morning dawned with just cool temps and cloudiness that cleared out nicely during the day.  The event featured some impressive displays of 3D acrobatic flying of large nitro helicopters by two Heli Direct sponsored pilots: Steve Tomlinson and Matt Mallory.  They, together with Eric Manning, put on quit a show with giant scale IMAC type stunt planes as well. We had lots of visiting spectators and a few out of town visiting pilots.  We sold enough burgers, snacks and  coffee that we covered our event expenses and even might have earned few bucks for the club.  Stan Ray was the lucky winner of the $30 gift certificate door prize.  There was lots of hot and heavy flying, even so, there were hardly any crashes only a couple of minor “hard landing”  type incidents with no gory showers of balsa and foam.   My profile plane came close to trouble after my fuel tank fell off mid-flight and dangled underneath, hanging by just a vent hose .  Paul crunched the nose gear a little bit on his 1/4 scale Cessna due to an engine flame out.   Steve made a big divot in the grass with his 700 size heli blades during a super low inverted hover.  Bill’s Cessna suffered a little nose damage. A few visitors tried their hand at a training flight. Everyone had a good time.

Thanks to those of you who donated your efforts, supplies or funds to help make this event enjoyable for everyone. Steve gathered the food, drinks, prizes and painted tables, Stan got the driveway graveled, Ken donated the rental of a generator, Pete emailed members, took photographs, registered pilots and collected money, Gary painted tables, Robert cooked food and did training flights, Stuart washed equipment benches, mowed, trimmed and emailed club invitations.  Several other members helped with other tasks such as setting up the canopy, making coffee, greeting visitors, etc.  Wives and girlfriends helped as well.

Quadcopter Video of the 2012 NCRCM Fun Fly Flightline

The above  video was filmed by Gary Cox from his quadcopter which produced very impressive results.  It looks like stablized quads like Gary’s are the best choice for up close and stable video platforms.

New Photos!

Pete’s photos of the fun fly are now posted in the Event photo gallery.