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Airfield LocationAirfield map directions

The North Coast RC modelers (NCRCM) airfield is located exactly 7.4 road miles south of the city limits of Tillamook Oregon.  It is along the west side of Highway 101 on a farm at street address 13990 Highway 101, follow the driveway going around behind the barns.  GPS coordinates are 45.35495,  -123.811842. The farm belongs to Norm Bennett who very generously allows the club to maintain a runway, a parking area, and to fly over his hay field.  Don’t forget to thank him when you get the chance  -(street view map) –    -(Satellite view map) –  

Airfield Description

The airfield is a great place for RC flying. It is nestled in a little valley which experiences much calmer winds than is typical for most coastal areas.  It has a very wide grass runway that is about 300 long, adequate for landing anything except maybe large ducted jets.  There is a small 9′ x 50′ runway surface area made of rubber matting which will help with planes that have trouble rolling on grass. The airfield has a relatively large unobstructed overflight area.  The easiest landing approach direction is from the left, which is also is the predominant direction for a  headwind landing.  A right hand side landing approach isn’t too bad and is useful whenever the wind comes from the south.  The sun will be at your back during morning flights.  Sun can interfere with vision somewhat during late afternoons or during the winter.   The field has easy access from a gravel driveway off of Highway 101. Parking is on grass near the flight tables.  The airfield has a portable toilet, setup tables, start-up benches, and chairs available for use. The airfield does not have electricity or running water. No overnight stays are allowed at the airfield, there are plenty of nice campgrounds located close by.

Are visitors allowed at the airfield?

Visitors, spectators and AMA guest fliers are welcome to come to come to the airfield on Saturday and Sunday morning about 9:00 am so long as a club member is also present at the airfield while you are there.  If you would like to visit or fly as a guest at any other time then please contact us ahead of time.

Who can fly at the North Coast RC Modelers airfield?

The airfield is available for use by NCRCM Club members and visiting AMA pilots.   All pilots must have a current membership in the AMA. Visiting pilots can fly as a guest a couple times each year without having to join the NCRCM club so long as you have a current membership in the AMA organization.  If you are just starting out in the hobby and you do not yet have an AMA membership then let us know, we can probably still help you learn to fly by having one of our AMA members act as your instructor pilot.

When can the airfield be used?Airfield driveway entrance sign

The airfield can be used any day of the week but only during daylight hours.   Farm operations always have priority over RC activity. When farm machinery is blocking the runway, driveway, or is operating near the runway then please wait until it has moved and everything is safe and convenient for farming operations before you continue.

When can I find other flyers at the field?

The best time to find people at the airfield is on a Saturday or Sunday mornings when weather is nice from about  8:30 am to 11:00 am.   You can tell Stuart if you want a phone call when others are planning to fly, or if you want to share your flight plans with others.

Are there any model or equipment restrictions?

Aircraft and radios should meet AMA’s general recommendations and requirements for safety.  There are a few neighbors living nearby, so engines should be muffled to standard manufacturer type noise levels.   The grass is generally mowed once per week but rain sometimes prevents mowing so tall grass may interfere with your takeoff if your plane has small wheels. 

Airfield Safety and Rules:

  • Read and follow AMA safety rules.
  • Don’t fly over the pit area, buildings, vehicles, people, or the highway.
  • Don’t taxi within or directly towards the pit area.
  • Use a frequency flag for 72 mhz radios (long antennas)2.4 ghz radios are exempt.
  • Clean up wreckage and retrieve lost parts.
  • Do safety inspections and radio range tests, especially before first flight of new or newly repaired aircraft.
  • Greet and welcome guests and visitors and watch out for their safety.
  • Supervise children and pets, keep them off the runway.
  • Spectators and non-pilots must not go west of the line of tables which is our spectator safety line.
  • Give farm operations priority.
  • Drive slowly and don’t block driveways or farm equipment.
  • Don’t walk or drive outside of  the airfield area into the farm area, except to retrieve a downed plane on foot.
  • Don’t drive your vehicle in the hayfield.
  • Don’t operate super loud and high pitched engines for long durations.
  • Don’t disturb the resident of the farm house. 
  • Fly during daylight hours only, and no overnight camping at the airfield.
  • Keep your AMA membership current.
  • Mark your aircraft with your AMA number and FAA number.

Additional club rules can be found in the constitution and the bylaws