April News

april-foolsThe meeting on April 1st was attended by about 8 people.  Pete talking about information he received from John Stroup from the Salem RC Pilots Association concerning various Oregon drone bill legislation proposals.  Apparently, beating up on unmanned aircraft is popular with State senators lately, however Pete said it does not look like RC hobbyists will be severely impacted, other than we may lose the ability to attach cameras to aircraft.  The subject of a summer fun fly was discussed but a decision was postponed until next meeting.  We talked about paths across the creeks (Stuart and Bill went on a runaway Easter airplane hunt last Saturday).  Other club business discussion topics included field maintenance, mowing, shade canopy repair and toilet disposal.  Matt bound a radio and test flew a quad copter that Dennis brought in.  Dennis talked about flying in the Nehalem gym. Gary brought in another of that very popular quad copter model that he has been getting for people.  He will be getting some more spare batteries for them soon as well.  Stuart installed a solar battery maintainer for the mowers so there are now wires that you need to clip/unclip before mowing. The mower batteries may need to be replaced this fall when it starts getting colder.