August News

2013 Tillamook Funfly

Event news – The Aug 31st fun-fly event details are HERE.  September’s club meeting was held early (on Aug 28th, at the Airfield. It was a work group meeting and we spruced a few things up.  Invitations to the Fun Fly were emailed on 8/7/13 to members, some former club members, and nearby RC club contacts.  If you didn’t get the message and want to be on the mailing list then send your current email address to me ( or (503) 842-7893.  Spread the word that guest flyers and spectators are welcome.

Website news – The photo gallery feature is currently broken.  It happened because of a website photo gallery  software upgrade. I won’t try fixing it for a couple weeks until I have more time for tinkering, because the fix could start off by making things worse.

Meeting minutes – The August 5th meeting had about 5 members attending.  We talked about prepping for the fun fly.  We decided to move the next meeting to Aug29th at the Airfield.  We talked about replacing mower blades and noted the wasps in toilet structure.  We caught up on the status of people’s various aircraft issues. Matt described a 3-D printer he recently acquired.  We talked about aerospace technology and then adjourned around 8:45 PM.

Wasp Warning – The toilet has yellow jackets nesting inside it.  Be careful if you are allergic.  I put a can of wasp spray on a shelf in the toilet.

The OMAS airshow was the subject of a news article in the Oregonian newspaper’s web site Oregon Live.