The club thanks long time member Ken Ray for buying a full year of web hosting for this web site,  Ken’s generous donation allows the North Coast RC Modelers to continue keeping you up-to-date on RC aircraft in the local community. We appreciate the enduring enthusiasm Ken has show for both the RC hobby and the club.

Meeting minutes – November 2011

A club meeting was held October 5th at Eagles Lodge in Tillamook at 7:00 pm, adjourning at about 8:30 pm.

Six people attended: Stuart, Steve, Matt, Bill, Robert Sr. and Mike.

September minutes and financial report were read by Stuart.

Robert Sr said he repaired the shed door and winterized the toilet and discussed winterization and maintenance of the airfield. No other maintenance issues were identified.

The club admired and discussed an airplane that Dennis Dirks donated. We decided to sell it to raise money for gas and other expenses.  The fuselage was purchased by Mike during the meeting and the engine will be sold at a swap meet in March.

We discussed the upcoming elections and reviewed the bylaws for dates and other requirements.  We decided nominations should be done at the upcoming December meeting with voting held during the January meeting and newly elected officials could then take office during the February meeting.

We discussed giving out information  packets to new members when they first join the club.  We decided that it was a good idea and that we should do it but did not flesh out any details.

Steve told about his sponsorship with Heli Direct, the events he will attend, competitions he will enter, discounts he will receive and testing he will perform. Steve brought in an RC model Chipmunk that he built from a kit. He discussed the repairs he had to make to his TRex 600 engine and showed us the piston that had burnt through the crown.

Matt said he has been working mostly on radio electronic equipment lately and talked about some of his projects.

Stuart said the new web site is coming along but there is still plenty more to do. He said lots of competing plugin options are available and it requires a lot of research and testing to find which ones work well.  He passed around and gave out surplus 1mm carbide drill bits. Stuart said he lost a radio and shorted out a battery charger and said he has progressed lately with his heli stunt flying.

Mike said he has been working on Civil Air Patrol functions and talked a little about them.

More open discussion followed.


The club thanks member Dennis Dirks for donating an airplane to the club.  The plane is a WW II fighter nicely covered in camo with shark mouth, 40 sized motor, retracts,  some servos, needs a few repairs and components.  I took it to the November meeting where the club decided to sell it to raise money to pay for field maintenance and club expenses.  Mike bought the fuselage and will use it for a display model for the Civil Air Patrol Cadets.  Steve offered to remove the motor for him and assemble it as a display model.  The engine is still for sale.  It looks new, never ran. I’m not sure what brand it is but it is a 40 with a red anodized head and has the letters TS molded into the crank case. I will try to get a picture posted or you can let Steve know if you are interested and want to see it.

3-D helicopter flight Steve Tomlinson

  Click photo to watch video. 
 Video of Steve flying 3-D with T-Rex 600 N helicopter
Click photo to watch the You Tube video

A new video was posted on You Tube of Steve flying 3-D with his T-Rex 60oN .  It was filmed 10-27-11.   At about the 4 minute 50 seconds mark you can hear the engine start to bog down and then flame out over the far end of the runway, but he saves it with a real nice auto.  I might try to film it again with better camera settings after Steve gets the fuel problem fixed.  Will try setting camera for shutter priority, adding more zoom, maybe a different shooting angle and double checking that the auto focus stays turned off.