February 2013 News and Meeting Minutes

Groundhog The February 7th meeting had eight attendees. The minutes and the financial report were read and the paperwork for renewing the club with AMA and the site insurance were discussed. Forms will be mailed after all officers have renewed with AMA. Steve said we may need to change the club’s meeting time or date to avoid a room scheduling conflict. Steve will notify members if it happens and any change will be posted here on the web site as well. We discussed the proposed Oregon law that restricts the use of drone aircraft. See video below. Gary said he is going to the swap meet in Puyallup. Gary and Matt demo flew quadcopters. We discussed the new Go Pro camera technology. We got a few more memebership renewals this month. There has been some flying activity last month even though the weather isn’t the best right now. Eric has been fairly busy on builds, he is putting together a plane for Don Masterson who is getting back into the hobby and making some changes to his own planes.

January News

Club Activity in January

A club meeting was held on January 3rd. About 5 people were present. Several members renewed for the 2013 season during the meeting. The financial report for 2012 was passed around.  David Grigg brought a paraglider and discussed its construction challenges and his solutions. The canopy had an impressive number of strings that all had to be knotted and adjusted for a proper angle of attack.  Setting up a paraglider is a much more challenging and advanced project than one might guess.  I saw Bob a few days after the meeting and he mentioned that he recently mowed the airfield.  Bob looked like he was feeling better, by the way.  Steve Gardener is moved to Idaho and he gave me several airframes, and a couple kits.  Let me know if you need a park-flyer sized electric model.

December News

December Meeting – There was a decent turnout at the December 6th meeting. The eight members that were present helped decide on club business issues. They voted that the club give free club memberships to persons under 18 years old. It was also agreed to purchase holiday gifts for Norm and Ken again this year as an expression of thanks for allowing us fly at their nice location.  Pete said he will handle the gift details again this year as well as emailing the message reminding members to renew dues for 2013.  It was noted that the toilet had been winterization by Bob and mowing and canopy storage had been completed by Stuart.  Our annual drawing for a free year of dues was held at the end of the meeting.  It was initially won by Steve who then generously declined the prize allowing members a second chance at the draw which was then won by Bill.  Members recieve a ticket for that drawing every time they attend a meeting, and Bill attends most all of them.  Pete gave a description of a POW talk that he attended while at the McMinnville Air Museum. Stuart brought a computer and flight simulator to the meeting that several members flew.  He plans to bring it again at the Jan meeting if anyone wants to use it then.

Email Inbox–  McMinnville Aircraft Modelers sent us a message saying they will host their Annual Swap Meet on March 9, 2013.  You can contact their Swap Meet Coordinator Larry Miller with any questions, (503) 472-4987 larry.sanford.miller@gmail.com. (see also the vendor application)

New Year –  Another year of fun and exciting flying has gone by and we can start looking forward to a wonderful new season of flying in 2013.  The club had great member support and good participation in 2012, please don’t forget to renew your dues for the new year.   (dues info)


November News – Not a lot to report

Activity  –  RC activity has slowed down these last couple months due to the wet winter weather. Sorry to say that I have not gone to the airfield for about 6 weeks. We have had a few sporadic days of nice weather, so hopefully someone has taken advantage of them to do a little flying.  I suppose there are a couple maintenance chores that need attention.  I hope to check on the field and maybe do a little flying as soon as a nice weekend comes along.

Last Meeting  –  The last  meeting, on Nov 1st, was attended by 5 members; Pete, Steve, Bill, Matt and myself.  There was not much discusion on the subject of club business but there was a fair amount of lively discussion on a variety of general aviation and RC topics.

Rule change  –  The AMA sent out a link that describes their newly updated rule policy for FPV, failsafe, stabilization and autopilot systems. The new rules continue to require that FPV flights are to be flow within VLOS (visual line of site) with the aid of an experienced AMA pilot acting as a spotter but the spotter no longer needs to have a buddy boxed radio.  The other notable rule change is that FPV aircraft now must be under 15 lbs and flown at less than 70 mph.  Everything else seems basically unchanged by this revision (Except for maybe a new issue with privacy if you do aerial photography or AMA exclusion if you are earning money with the hobby).

Next meeting  –  I plan to bring a computer with a Flight Simulator to the next meeting, as has been suggested a couple times. It might be fun and interesting to anyone who has not tried one yet.

Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2012

The meeting was attended by Bob, Bill, Stuart, Matt and Steve.  We discussed mower repair and field maintenance.  Bob said he would replace the mower belt and work on the mowers.  We talked about organizing a work party to get the airfield in shape for spring but decided to see what was needed and do some maintenance over the weekend and then save the organized work party effort for just before the June fun fly.   We discussed possible dates for our 2012 fun fly and we settled on Saturday June 9th as having the best fit.  We still need to talk to Norm to make sure that date is OK with him before we commit to sending out invitations and advertising.  We decided on a one day event with a 5$ landing fee and will work on additional details at the next meetings.   We discussed obtaining a missing part for Rob’s shade shelter (no resolution).  We discussed potential new members and reviewed the list of people that have or are likely to renew memberships in 2012.

Followup notes:  Bob fixed the mowers on the following Saturday and they are in good shape now.  The field was mowed, weed sprayed, and trimmed on the following Sunday, It was rolled on the 14th, tables were repaired on the 15th,  It still needs table painting, shed washing, sign work,  safety supplies, frequency pin repairs, weed eater repair, maybe a little fertilizer on the bare spots, another spraying, and weekly mowings.

Unrelated link to the paper airplane guy

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We moved the club’s monthly business meetings to a new location which is near the Air Museum three miles South of  Tillamook.  We no longer hold it at the Tillamook Eagles Club.   Please call or send a message to get the directions to the new meeting location.

Meeting Minutes Jan 5th

  • Five members present, Steve, Pete, Stuart, Bob and Mike.
  • New meeting location approved, Pete will send email notices to members sometime in late January.
  • Mike Walsh won the drawing for the free 2012 dues.
  • Decided to leave the combination for the storage shed padlock unchanged for now.
  • Discussed safety and supervision of children, visitors, pets, settled on using a  tactful verbal reminder with possibly a sign saying the pit area is for pilots only.
  • Reviewed the airfield visitor policy. Unannounced visitors are welcome Sat and Sun mornings otherwise they should give prior notice or be accompanied by a club member.
  • Discussed items for sale and the upcoming swap meet.
  • Reviewed the expenditures and revenues during 2011.  We ended the year with close to the same amount that we stared with. We expect less expenses in the coming year 2012 but may get less revenue as well.

New club officers – Meeting minutes Dec 2011

The North Coast RC Modelers selected two new officers during the December 2011 meeting. Congratulations to Steve, our new club president, and Matt, our new safety officer. I think they both will be a great fit for those positions and do well. Pete was re-elected vice president and Stuart was re-elected Secretary-Treasurer.

The decision to move the meeting location was postponed because there is still some question about one of the potential new locations. The next meeting will be held at the Eagles Club on January 5th at 7:00 pm.

Pete raised discussion about a Christmas gift for Norm, the property owner, and Ken ,the resident, to help express our appreciation for allowing us to fly at the farm. Pete offered to select the gifts, make the purchases and present them to Norm and Ken. The club approved the proposal and the funding.

We discussed the condition and wording of the signs. We decided to repaint a couple, change the wording of one  and possibly relocating another. Stuart and Bob will work on them over the winter.

Steve brought in the display model that he finished for the Civil Air Patrol Cadets. It is a sharp looking plane.

The financial report was read, and we reviewed the November minutes.

There were eight member present; Pete, Mike, Bob, Matt, Steve, Bill, Gary and Stuart.

The meeting was then opened for informal discussion and adjourned about 8:30 or 9:00.