March April News


New aircraft – Stan Ray got his new E-flight Carbon Z Cub.  Here is a video of its maiden flight.  It flies beautifully and lands very nicely even in choppy winds.  Stan found that the Flap-Elevator mix settings are pretty sensitive because the cub did an abrupt nose down dive when he switching on a high percentage of mix. Luckily, Stan was testing it from a high altitude so he was able to recover it in time.

March 3rd club meeting minutes – Matt got a fire extinguisher for the airfield.  Bob talked about cleaning up old stuff in the shed and in the culvert pipe. We will do the house cleaning some day soon. The McMinnville RC Swap Meet was discussed, Stan, Matt and Gary said they were planning to go.  Our next meeting is on April 7th.  We should probably talk about dates for our local RC event.  There may be an important security topic to discus as well.

New event notices – The club received a couple invitations to nearby RC events.  The 2014 McMinnville Fun Fly is on July 12th.  A new annual event called Warbirds Over Oregon will be held July 19th in Turner Oregon by the Salem RC Pilots Association. The Fly-A-Ways RC Club announced a Scalemasters competition to be held in Banks on June 27-29.  I forwarded those email invitations to members, let me know if you didn’t get them or if you want your address included or excluded in the club’s mailing list.

Cool video – I was impressed with the effort that went into this video which incudes a whole lot of FPV flight footage that is presented in an very entertaining way.  It must have taken a lot of imagination, time, skill and effort to put it together.

September News

Meeting – The September meeting was held early (on Aug 28th). We spent the entire meeting repairing tables and sprucing up the airfield for the Fun-fly.

New Photos – I posted some photos of the 2013 Fun-fly Event. They were sent to us by Jim Pearson, President of the Astoria RC club.  I will eventually post more photos taken by Pete in that same photo gallery location.

Astoria trip – The fall Astoria trip was postponed until next season due to scheduling conflicts.

Ultimate FPV video – If you enjoy FPV flight then you need to watch this FEV (first eagle view) video.  It’s not exactly radio controlled, but its still very inspiring.

August News

2013 Tillamook Funfly

Event news – The Aug 31st fun-fly event details are HERE.  September’s club meeting was held early (on Aug 28th, at the Airfield. It was a work group meeting and we spruced a few things up.  Invitations to the Fun Fly were emailed on 8/7/13 to members, some former club members, and nearby RC club contacts.  If you didn’t get the message and want to be on the mailing list then send your current email address to me ( or (503) 842-7893.  Spread the word that guest flyers and spectators are welcome.

Website news – The photo gallery feature is currently broken.  It happened because of a website photo gallery  software upgrade. I won’t try fixing it for a couple weeks until I have more time for tinkering, because the fix could start off by making things worse.

Meeting minutes – The August 5th meeting had about 5 members attending.  We talked about prepping for the fun fly.  We decided to move the next meeting to Aug29th at the Airfield.  We talked about replacing mower blades and noted the wasps in toilet structure.  We caught up on the status of people’s various aircraft issues. Matt described a 3-D printer he recently acquired.  We talked about aerospace technology and then adjourned around 8:45 PM.

Wasp Warning – The toilet has yellow jackets nesting inside it.  Be careful if you are allergic.  I put a can of wasp spray on a shelf in the toilet.

The OMAS airshow was the subject of a news article in the Oregonian newspaper’s web site Oregon Live.

2013 Tillamook Fun Fly Event is August 31st

2013-fun-flyTillamook’s 2013 Fun Fly is Saturday August 31st which is on Labor Day weekend.  We will fly radio control airplanes, helicopters and multi-rotors at the North Coast RC Modelers’ airfield 7.5 miles south of Tillamook Oregon.  Everyone is invited to participate and there will be plenty of chairs for spectators.  No entry fees.  No special rules or requirements other than the basic AMA stuff.  It starts at 8:30 but people will arrive throughout the morning and will leave throughout the afternoon.

What models can I bring? Are flights limited? 

Bring any variety, size or type of RC aircraft. The airfield’s 300×80 foot grass runway is suitable for almost everything.  We can set up a glider winch for motorless thermal gliders if it happens to be a good thermal day.  Normally the event is not overcrowded so giant sized airplanes and helicopters should be able to fly a couple 3-D flights while having the sky all to themselves.   There will be no mandatory flight patterns but we recommend announcing runway approaches and crossings, and maybe have a spotter help watch for air traffic if the sky becomes crowded.

What about food and amenities?

Some coffee and donuts will be set out in the morning, with hot dogs, buns, chips and bottled water at noon for a free self-serve lunch.  We will have a grill available if you want to bring something different to cook for your lunch. Lunch tables, setup tables, run-up stands and plastic chairs will be available.  There is a toilet on-site, we might have a generator for electricity. There is no overnight parking.

Where is it?

It is 7.5 miles south of Tillamook Oregon along the west side of Highway 101, behind a farm at street address 13990 Highway 101Signs along the Highway tell you which driveway. (map) (satellite) (panorama)

If you have questions, call Steve (503) 812-4394 or Stuart (503) 842-7893, or send a message.

Hope you and your friends can come.

2013 RC Events

AEROBEEZ_MONSTERFEST2013V42Tillamook’s 2013 NCRCM fun fly will be on Saturday August 31st which is on labor day weekend. It will be free with no special events, just normal everyday type flying. We will have a grill on hand with some free hot dogs and buns so you can make your own lunch, with some coffee and donuts in the morning.  Everyone is welcome to participate, or just come and watch the airplanes fly.  (more)

The Eugene Aeronauts RC club informed us that they are sponsoring several events this year.  Their giant scale airshow event called Monster Fest 2013 was changed to Aug 17 & 18.  It is particularly tempting because their RC manufacturer sponsor Aerobeez will be giving away a 30 cc ARF and a 50 cc ARF as flying raffle prizes. Their field is the photo field that is simulated in the Real Flight 6 sim, called HENSON FIELD, which looks very similar to Tillamook’s NCRCM field. They also will be hosting a May 27th Memorial Day Fun Fly, a June 29th Swap & Fly, and a Sept 2nd Labor Day Fun Fly.

There are two major Helicopter Fun Flys being held in this region. One is in Brooks OR (June 27th through July 1st) and another is in Snohomish WA (Aug 16, 17 & 18).  These attract lots of high caliber 3-D and pilots and many high-end impressive helicopters. (mostly 3-D but some scale)

Two major scale events are being held in this region; the August 16-18 NW Scale Championships in Wenatchee, WA and the September 14-15 Oregon Scale Fly-In & USSMA Challenge in North Plains, OR.

McMinnville’s Fun Fly will be on July 13 and it features a timed contest game for RC airplanes, a candy bomber run for the kids and a tail gate swap meet.

The Umpqua Valley Modelers of Roseburg/Sutherlin Oregon invited us to participate in their
30th Annual Plat “I” Float Fly June 14 – June16. The site is about 4 ½ miles east from the Sutherlin off I-5 exit 136 at the Plat I Reservoir.

OMAS will hold their RC Airshow  Aug 10 & 11th.  It features a fast paced variety of narrated RC demo flights with several intervals of open flying for AMA pilots. It will likely have RC scale tanks fighting on a miniature battlefield as well. They have a nice asphalt runway and a pond for float flights.

Experimental UAV Flight Postponed

Researchers from the ODFW and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida planned to fly an experimental autonomously guided airplane (also called a UAV or drone) around Haystack rock that is offshore of Pacific City, but the experiment was cancelled when the FAA would not give them the OK to fly without additional deliberation.  The flight team had called Steve (NCRCM’s Club President) and arranged to make some test flights with the aircraft from our club’s airfield prior to the actual flight over the ocean.  Unfortunately, because of the postponement, we did not get to see them fly , but hopefully they will return soon and let us see their aircraft and its operation.  For more info….. Here is the original news article and photo from the Headlight Herald newspaper.

On a related note, I notice the Senate committee that is drafting new FAA rules has reduced the size of the RC restriction zones they will be placing around full scale airports.  It is down to a 5 mile radius, previously it was 8 miles, which is real good news for us because our NCRCM airfield is about 6 or 7 miles from Tillamook’s airport   Here is a link to more news from AMA on the subject of UAV and drone RC flight.

2012 Tillamook Fun Fly was June 9th

The June 9th Fun Fly in Tillamook went very well.  We enjoyed flights of all types of aircraft; gliders, quadcopters, realistic scale, giant scale, pattern, stunters, 3-d helicopters, warbirds, and a variety of electric and fueled sport planes. Thankfully, the bad weather cleared up overnight before the event started and the morning dawned with just cool temps and cloudiness that cleared out nicely during the day.  The event featured some impressive displays of 3D acrobatic flying of large nitro helicopters by two Heli Direct sponsored pilots: Steve Tomlinson and Matt Mallory.  They, together with Eric Manning, put on quit a show with giant scale IMAC type stunt planes as well. We had lots of visiting spectators and a few out of town visiting pilots.  We sold enough burgers, snacks and  coffee that we covered our event expenses and even might have earned few bucks for the club.  Stan Ray was the lucky winner of the $30 gift certificate door prize.  There was lots of hot and heavy flying, even so, there were hardly any crashes only a couple of minor “hard landing”  type incidents with no gory showers of balsa and foam.   My profile plane came close to trouble after my fuel tank fell off mid-flight and dangled underneath, hanging by just a vent hose .  Paul crunched the nose gear a little bit on his 1/4 scale Cessna due to an engine flame out.   Steve made a big divot in the grass with his 700 size heli blades during a super low inverted hover.  Bill’s Cessna suffered a little nose damage. A few visitors tried their hand at a training flight. Everyone had a good time.

Thanks to those of you who donated your efforts, supplies or funds to help make this event enjoyable for everyone. Steve gathered the food, drinks, prizes and painted tables, Stan got the driveway graveled, Ken donated the rental of a generator, Pete emailed members, took photographs, registered pilots and collected money, Gary painted tables, Robert cooked food and did training flights, Stuart washed equipment benches, mowed, trimmed and emailed club invitations.  Several other members helped with other tasks such as setting up the canopy, making coffee, greeting visitors, etc.  Wives and girlfriends helped as well.

Quadcopter Video of the 2012 NCRCM Fun Fly Flightline

The above  video was filmed by Gary Cox from his quadcopter which produced very impressive results.  It looks like stablized quads like Gary’s are the best choice for up close and stable video platforms.

New Photos!

Pete’s photos of the fun fly are now posted in the Event photo gallery.