October – November News

The season has wound down and there has not been not a lot of newsworthy activity lately. A few people still sneak a flight or two into an occasional dry sunbreak. The airfield is ready for winter. The canopy was taken down. The toilet was dumped & winterized. The field has been rolled and was kept well mowed through October, but grass will somewhat tall over the winter because of fewer dry weather mowing opportunities. I left the wind socks up but may take them down to prevent shredding by winter storms.

The October and November club meetings were attended by about 5 or 6 of us.  Pete volunteered to do the Christmas gift baskets, thanks Pete. We noted that a few of the table and startup stands need replacing soon.  Gary said he can get some high quality plywood for the table tops. We noted that the Welcome sign will be removed, and possibly replaced as it has deteriorated as well.

Chuck Atwood from Nestucca Bend, near Beaver, stopped by the airfield in mid October and inquired about selling several RC models that he inherited from his son.  He has about 6 or 7 planes with motors and electronics, includes two transmitters. He said they include an unbuilt P-38 kit, a partially completed P-82 (twin Mustang), a completed Twinstar, a huge flying wing pusher, an complete A-26 twin, and a completed Protege sport trainer.  Also includes fabric, balsa, fuel, etc, etc. He was not sure about any details, but I suspect that the stuff is only a few years old, 2-stroke nitro powered, probably 72 MHZ, from Tower Hobbies.  He was hoping to sell it as a single lot for around $1000. He would probably consider your offer if you make one.  I probably should not post his phone number on the internet but if you call me at (503) 842-7893 I will give it to you.

Gary flies big stuff

Gary owns a large variety of types and sizes of models, miniature to big, and he has now added this large electric Yak to his fleet. He has several nice used models for sale, call him at  503-812-0465  if interested.

Go to the photo gallery to see a “less enhanced” photo of this plane and a few other newly added pictures.Gary's big electric

Also check out this old-time video demonstrating the strange transfer of force and energy which causes a gyroscope to become “weightless”.  Such complicated transfers of gyroscopic forces and energy interact with helicopter movements as well, especially single bladed ones. It helps one appreciate the difficulty in mastering all directions of the the piro-flip manuever.


The club thanks member Dennis Dirks for donating an airplane to the club.  The plane is a WW II fighter nicely covered in camo with shark mouth, 40 sized motor, retracts,  some servos, needs a few repairs and components.  I took it to the November meeting where the club decided to sell it to raise money to pay for field maintenance and club expenses.  Mike bought the fuselage and will use it for a display model for the Civil Air Patrol Cadets.  Steve offered to remove the motor for him and assemble it as a display model.  The engine is still for sale.  It looks new, never ran. I’m not sure what brand it is but it is a 40 with a red anodized head and has the letters TS molded into the crank case. I will try to get a picture posted or you can let Steve know if you are interested and want to see it.