Lipo Battery Health

Lipo battery health can be a little mysterious, and seems unpredictable.  I had some large ones die after on me recently after about 40 cycles, much too soon considering that they had not been severely mistreated and were a good brand.  I suspect the reason they went bad prematurely was because I tend to charge batteries while they are fairly cold to the maximum voltage and then allow them to get warmer after they are fully charged.  The temperature difference between my charging area and my car 50 degrees or more.  It is common knowledge that temperature will affect battery output capacity during the flying phase, but you don’t hear very much about how temperature affects energy input capacity during the charging phase, or how the maximum safe charge level is affected by a battery temperature that has changed. I know there are some higher end chargers that can compensate for the ambient temperature during the charge, but I don’t have one.  From now on, I think I will try to warm up my lipo batteries before charging them, then not let them get any warmer on the way to the field.  Hopefully that will make them last longer.

If you want to dig deep into your Lipo battery’s health an article called, “What’s Really Going On Inside A Dying Lithium Battery” as well as this video about tracking your battery resistance may help remove some of the mystery.

Aviation themed videos

Here are some videos with an aviation theme from the web site

Amazing RC bird.
C-130J “Super” Hercules at Paris Air Show 2011
Impressive helicopter landing in rough seas.
Chinook helicopter on a recovery mission.
Recent riots in Warsaw filmed with an RC helicopter.
Impressive helicopter flying.
Attaching a camera to a helicopter rotor: A distorted world view.
RC Helicopter Skills: Wall landing.
$1900 camera and an RC helicopter create this amazing video.
Helicopter carries a plane.
Australian helicopter cowboys.
RC helicopter tricks.
Over excitement over paper airplanes, watch till end.
Airplane truck drop.
Discovery’s space shuttle launch viewed from an airplane.
A typical day of air traffic: Each dot represents an airplane.
Brazil: Collection of RC airplane’s flights in FPV.
Small aircraft’s engine dies, pilot epically lands airplane.
Recently Declassified: 1945 airplane gun camera footage from Japan.
Lufthansa: Pillow fight breaks out on airplane.
Matt Hall’s incredible airplane recovery.
Beautiful airplane landing.
Behind the scenes at Boeing: Airplane made in two minutes.
Airplane empties water tank.
RC indoor airplane aerobatics.
Airplane to airplane skydive.

You also might enjoy this humorous aviation theme video collection on

New Heli models seen at the field

Steve's new Trex 700N
Steve's new Trex 700N

Steve brought out a new Trex 700N helicopter.  It looks huge compared to all the other helicopters.  Steve said it had been only lightly used by the previous owner but he got it for a very modest price and it came with some decent upgrades.  Steve also brought out his new Chipmunk that he recently built from a kit. Stuart bought Steve’s Trex 550E that was originally was owned by Eric.  Stan has been flying his new Align Trex 500.

3-D helicopter flight Steve Tomlinson

  Click photo to watch video. 
 Video of Steve flying 3-D with T-Rex 600 N helicopter
Click photo to watch the You Tube video

A new video was posted on You Tube of Steve flying 3-D with his T-Rex 60oN .  It was filmed 10-27-11.   At about the 4 minute 50 seconds mark you can hear the engine start to bog down and then flame out over the far end of the runway, but he saves it with a real nice auto.  I might try to film it again with better camera settings after Steve gets the fuel problem fixed.  Will try setting camera for shutter priority, adding more zoom, maybe a different shooting angle and double checking that the auto focus stays turned off.