December-January-February News


We hope you remember to renew your 2014 membership and continue to support RC flying in the Tillamook Area. Quite a few members have renewed their 2014 AMA and NCRCM club memberships already. Club dues are the same as last year, $40.  Your dues will help us meet our normal operating expenses and maintain the airfield again this year. (Click for more info on dues)

We are on the downhill side of winter now.  Thankfully, the airfield made it through the worst of this year’s cold and wind without any problems.  The month of January had a fair number of days with decent weather and I saw several people out flying. Paul brought out a new 1/4 scale biplane as well as a new glider. Both were beautifully done and looked great.  Matt’s son, Raymond, brought out a delta wing pusher that cuts through the air like a rocket.  It was probably approaching 100mph. Fun to watch. I almost strain a neck muscle trying to keep up with it.  I recently witnessed a real LiPo battery fire for the first time. It was triggered by a somewhat moderate nose-in crash (not mine, thankfully).  About a minute after the impact a huge dense cloud of smoke went up, soon followed by two more clouds from the two remaining cells that ignited sequentially, each about 1 minute apart. The smoke was too thick and ominous looking to get very close so there was nothing that could be done about it but just wait until it ran its course.   A considerable amount of heat melted everything within the engine compartment but surprisingly caused very little or no flaming. The balsa structure was somewhat charred but did not really catch on fire. No pictures, sorry.

We held elections at the January meeting.  Steve said he could not continue being President because he may be moving to Portland.  We hate to see him go.  Bob volunteered to take a turn in the role of President.  No one else expressed interest in being elected to a club officer position.  Bob was then nominated, seconded, voted and approved and is our new President. All other officer positions will remain the same, with Pete as Vice President, Matt as Safety officer, and Stuart as Treasurer/Secretary.  Bob does not have an email address or text messaging but you can call him on his land-line phone at 503-842-5083 if you need to talk to him.  Jon Nelson offered to take over the care and feeding of the Club’s Facebook page from Steve.  He said he would give Steve a call about it.

The Tillamook Area was selected to be one of the FAA’s authorized UAV (drone) testing areas.  The designation should have no impact on our recreational flying activities because the zone is located offshore and at higher altitudes.  The club was contacted by the Port of Garibaldi in January asking for help with aerial filming of their dock reconstruction activity for historical documentation purposes.  I forwarded the message to Gary because that type of thing is right up Gary’s alley. Gary was happy to help, took on the project, and got lots of photos, video and he said the weather was very cooperative.  Rob Anderson described filming golf courses with a high end hexacopter setup with all the bells and whistles at our February meeting. It was a very interesting discussion.

The 2014 annual McMinnville RC Swap Meet will be held March 8th 9:00AM to 2:00PM  at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds, 2070 NE LAFAYETTE AVE. MCMINNVILLE, OR 97128.  I don’t know for sure how many of our members are planning to attend. Stan Ray said he will have a sales table at the event.  Also, the Umpqua Valley RC club sent us an email announcing a big RC garage sale Feb 22 in Roseburg Oregon.  I ran across this news article about a proposed new RC airfield in Hood River.  I bet those guys know how to fly in wind, being that they fly in the Columbia gorge and all.

In news from further away, here is a video of an ardent African aircraft builder who I sympathize with when thinking back to some of my own creations. Here is an impressive video of fallen rock destruction filmed from an RC multi-rotor in Italy.

Our 2014 AMA Club Charter and insurance renewal forms arrived in the mail. I will send the completed paperwork to AMA prior to their March deadline.

Welcome new member Dennis Calkins

Dennis Calkins joined the North Coast RC Modelers club during the April meeting.  He is retired from dentistry and lives near Manzanita.  He builds and flies custom foam model airplanes, indoor airplane models and flies helicopters as well.  He often flies with a group in a Nehalem school gymnasium. Club members can get his contact information from the club roster list.  (Use the password that is printed in the lower left corner of your club membership card)

Welcome Robert Andrews – New NCRCM Member

Rob Andrews, from the Sand lake area, has joined the North Coast RC Modelers club.  He builds sophisticated composite constructions such as dynamic glider wings and surf boards.  Rob has been flying for awhile and lately has been flying dynamic slope gliders which are a very fast type of model aircraft flying with high-G loops that require a sleek and very sturdy wing.  Rob has expressed an interested in high lift themal soaring and plans to help test the club’s new glider winch setup.

Welcome Mark and Colin Farrier – New members of NCRCM

Mark and Colin Farrier, father and son, recently joined the North Coast RC Modelers club. Mark is the electrical supervisor for the Hampton Mill in Tillamook. Colin is about 12 years old and is also a member of a local Boy Scout troop. Mark is an accomplished full size pilot. They moved to Tillamook a few years ago, coming from Spearfish, South Dakota and now live on Cedar creek road, within earshot of the NCRCM airfield. Last Sunday was warm and sunny so I took a couple planes to the field and was happy to see both Mark and Colin there as well. They brought a medium sized electric cub and they flew it quite well. They also have miniature indoor type models.

February 2013 News and Meeting Minutes

Groundhog The February 7th meeting had eight attendees. The minutes and the financial report were read and the paperwork for renewing the club with AMA and the site insurance were discussed. Forms will be mailed after all officers have renewed with AMA. Steve said we may need to change the club’s meeting time or date to avoid a room scheduling conflict. Steve will notify members if it happens and any change will be posted here on the web site as well. We discussed the proposed Oregon law that restricts the use of drone aircraft. See video below. Gary said he is going to the swap meet in Puyallup. Gary and Matt demo flew quadcopters. We discussed the new Go Pro camera technology. We got a few more memebership renewals this month. There has been some flying activity last month even though the weather isn’t the best right now. Eric has been fairly busy on builds, he is putting together a plane for Don Masterson who is getting back into the hobby and making some changes to his own planes.

January News

Club Activity in January

A club meeting was held on January 3rd. About 5 people were present. Several members renewed for the 2013 season during the meeting. The financial report for 2012 was passed around.  David Grigg brought a paraglider and discussed its construction challenges and his solutions. The canopy had an impressive number of strings that all had to be knotted and adjusted for a proper angle of attack.  Setting up a paraglider is a much more challenging and advanced project than one might guess.  I saw Bob a few days after the meeting and he mentioned that he recently mowed the airfield.  Bob looked like he was feeling better, by the way.  Steve Gardener is moved to Idaho and he gave me several airframes, and a couple kits.  Let me know if you need a park-flyer sized electric model.

Pilot brand airplane invasion

Large, gasoline fueled airplanes are becoming popular at the NCRCM airfield. The three in the photo below are Pilot brand models.  Left to right, are Eric’s 37% edge with 120cc DLE, Steve’s 30% Yak with 50cc DLE, and Stuart’s 26% Yak with 38cc Mintor.  Paul Bayley, David Grigg and Gary Cox also fly quarter scale airplanes.

These larger planes are not cheap to build but are very economical to fly and are tons of fun because their size, relative to the size and speed of the air currents, makes them react predictably and precisely .  They are great for flying 3-D aerobatics and for precision pattern flight. The smaller electric models are the most popular type because modern batteries and motors have made electric models powerful, economical, and convenient to built with almost no upkeep or maintenance.   Alcohol / nitro fueled planes are no longer as common as they once were, but they are still a very good choice for the mid-sized models because at that size their combination of power-to-weight, fuel consumption, flight time, and costs can give them an edge over electric or gasoline power.

The second photo below shows a youngster posing in front of Eric’s plane.  It was emailed to the club from Joseph Chung who snapped the picture while visiting the airfield with his family the end of August. (click photos to expand to full size).

Large scale airplane crew
An airfield visitor next to Eric Manning's 37% edge

Ken Ray has passed

The club is saddened by the passing of our long time member and good friend Ken Ray.  Ken was a cornerstone of the North Coast RC Modelers for as long as any can remember.  He always made visitors feel welcome and influenced many of us to join the club, myself included.  We will always remember the valuable and loyal services he gave to his club, to his community and to his country. Ken passed peacefully at the age of 84.

Here is a collection of some photos and a little more information about Ken.

[important]UPDATE:  A memorial for Ken will be held on Saturday August 4th in the Tillamook Library at 2:00 pm.  [/important]

Welcome new NCRCM member – Jon Nelson

Jon Nelson joined the club in July.  He is a new flyer and just recently started to solo but is already making real nice landings, flying inverted and so on.  Jon is a friend of Matt Williams who introduced Jon to the hobby and helped him get started. Jon flies a medium sized yellow electric foam cub with big tundra tires.