Winter 2020/2021

Renew your 2021 membership

We look forward to you continuing your NCRCM club membership and participation in 2021.

This Web Site will be discontinued soon

We decided to not keep this web site after March of 2021. It is no longer cost effective for the club to pay for web hosting fees due to our declining memberships. The club has an old abandoned Facebook page that would have been an alternative however the original administrator of it moved on without setting it up for a new administrator. I don’t think anyone can even post on it. We will try to conduct all communication with club members by email, phone or text. Pete will probably be sending members a quarterly e-newsletter to keep everyone informed about club news and business. Make sure you update your email address with Pete if you did not receive an email message from him recently in December .

Why You Need Us and We Need You

We need your 2021 membership renewals to help keep the airfield here for you. and we need your participation in club activities so the hobby is an enjoyable social experience. Even though our membership numbers have declined quite a bit our dues are still only $40 per year. That amount barely covers the club’s bare-bones expenses with none left for equipment replacement or improvements so we can’t afford to loose you as a member.

You need to help us keep an AMA chartered club in the Tillamook area because a couple years from now (September 1, 2023) AMA chartered airfields will be the only place RC pilots are allowed to fly without having a special radio ID broadcast device in their plane. You can save on expense, complexity, and extra flying weight by flying at an AMA field in order to avoid having to install such devices in your plane. Renew your club membership, so we can keep the AMA airfield here in Tillamook County.

New Club officers in 2021

Our President continues to be Pete Owston. Our new Vice President is Ron Mayle. Our new Safety Manager is Steve Durham. Our Treasurer / Secretary continues to be Stuart Hoffman.

Meetings are still on hold this winter

We are thinking about holding a Zoom club meeting sometime in early 2021.

Do you want a cleaner runway?

We would like to purchase a tow-behind lawn sweeper this spring to help clean grass clippings off the runway. If a cleaner runway is something that you would like to see then add a donation with your 2021 dues to help the club make that happen. Keep an eye out for a used one about 40″ wide. A decent quality new one costs about $320.

Winter conditions

Our wind sock is now being stored in the outhouse to protect it from winter storms. From now to March put it back up temporarily while you are flying and then remove it when you are done.

Bob Munsell’s club service appreciated

Bob Munsell, a long time club member, recently moved to Alaska. Bob performed several important services for the club. He maintained and repaired the mower, rolled lumps out of the runway, was the club’s safety officer, and often mowed. Don and Gary Masterson have now taken on the runway rolling and they are doing an excellent job. Stuart is keeping up with grass cuttings for the most part. Steve Durham has agreed to take over the club Safety Officer position. We don’t have anyone to help with maintenance and repair of the mower yet. Luckily the mower has not broken down lately, but is just a matter of time. If you can help the club with any thing or if you want to serve as a club officer please let us know, we appreciate your help.

Summer 2020


All meetings are still cancelled until further notice due to the Covid situation. You can bring something to the attention of the club by contacting Pete, Bill or Stuart, and we will try to take care of it.

Spring 2020

Passing of Club member Stan Ray

Stan Ray recently died on June 5, 2020. Stan was an active and influential club member throughout much of the club’s history. He was a former club president, vice president, and generously helped with the club in many ways over many years. Our long time members flew with him often and we will remember him and will miss him. More about Stan

FAA Registration Renewal Due 12/12/2020

The FAA sent an email saying that FAA registrations need to be renewed before December 12, 2020. It is the same process as before and isn’t very difficult. It only costs $5 so they are not in it for the money. The minimal charge is probably just a way to help verify identities through the credit card transaction. Here is a link to the FAA registration page, or go to the FAA login page if you already have a registration and want to renew it.

I’m not sure what happens if you forget to renew your registration until after the expire date. I was happy to discover that the FAA won’t require us to file an accident report when crashing a plane. Reports are only needed in the event of serious bodily injury or for serious ($500) damage to property other than to your own airplane.

June Meeting Canceled, July 6th is our next

Our monthly club meeting is cancelled again for the month of June. Our next meeting will be held on July 6th 7:00 PM at the normal place. The last few meetings have been cancelled due to Covid-19 social distancing recommendations. We didn’t want to restart the meetings too early thus jeopardize future use of the room. If you have any items or topics that the club might want to address please phone or email them to Pete and/or the other officers. The club will then deal with the issue by phone if possible.

Airfield Still ACCESSIBLE to members

You may find that the driveway gate into the RC airfield is held closed by a chain at various times. It also has a new “Authorized Personnel Only” sign posted on it as well. Norm has confirmed that it is still OK for RC club members to access the airfield. Please leave the gate just as you found it after going through. Farm hands and the farm resident will leave it open or closed at certain times for a variety of reasons. We don’t want to interfere with their efforts.

VIRUS precautions at the airfield

Flying is unlikely to expose you to the Coronavirus so long as you stay separated at your own flight table, and you don’t ride there in a car with someone. Please stay at home if you or anyone you are in contact with has been sick during the last two weeks.

Remote ID is coming to the hobby

The FAA will require remote identification radio signal devices for drones and RC airplanes some years from now. Details can be found in this FAA document. Thankfully, the document say’s planes flown at AMA registered airfields such as ours will be exempted. New commercially manufactured RC airplanes at some point will be required to come installed with such a device. I hope that includes just ready-to-fly models and not ARFs. This won’t be good for the future of the hobby. The increased costs for devices, costs for internet connection service to the device, costs for AMA membership, and all the added complexity will inhibit casual first timers from dipping their toe into this hobby. This is being driven mostly by companies like Amazon that are lobbying for commercial use of unmanned flight delivery vehicles. It seems unfair to us line-of-sight RC flyers. It is like if they someday require all pedestrians and bicycles to carry a remote identification device so that driverless automobiles can avoid running into them. In the late 1800’s there were laws requiring a person to walk ahead of automobiles holding a red flag for warning horse riders of approaching horseless carriages. Pennsylvania even tried to pass a law forcing horseless carriage operators to disassemble the vehicle and hide it behind bushes to let any horses or livestock go past it. So I guess it could have been worse. Never underestimate the ability of government to be excessively burdensome in the name of safety.

Winter 2019/2020

Renew your membership for2020

It is time to renew your club membership again. The club needs you. We need members. Members are vital to keeping an RC club going in the Tillamook area. Paying your annual dues lets us buy the mower gas, mower parts and airfield insurance that are necessary for maintaining the airfield. Thank you everyone for your help in keeping our club going.

McMinnville Swap Meet Canceled

The 2020 McMinnville swap meet was cancelled a couple days before it was going to be held after the State banned large events in Oregon.

FAA extends renewal dates until Dec 2020

The FAA expiration date for RC pilot registrations has been extended until December 2020. They say that they will send you an email 120 days before you need to renew your registration.

Steve Durham’s large electric pattern plane recently flown at the airfield

Fall 2019

Speed sign

Pete donated a very nice looking speed sign that is posted next to the tables at the airfield. It will help remind everyone to not drive too fast on the farm. Be aware that the driveway is used by farm equipment with limited visibility while loading, backing out of barns, and emerging from alleyways. The drive is also used by a family with children.

RC Swap Meet Nov 9th

A sizable RC swap meet will be held in Olympia Washington. Take a look at their impressive promotional links for more information: Order tables, Event poster, Promotional video.

Summer 2019

Elk Fence

 In August, an elk fence was placed around the farm property and there is now an entrance gate at the driveway. Please leave the gate open or closed just as you found it after going through it; however If you see that elk are approaching the gate then close it so they cannot enter onto the farm property.

Runway Tarp

We removed the red tarp that was being used for a small-plane runway. It was handy for the few small planes that could use it however the long edges gradually became exposed and started catching on landing gear. It would have been difficult to reinstall it deeper in the ground. It was also starting to become frayed in spots from age and from mower contact. The bare spot is seeded and will be covered in new grass soon.

Drive Slow at the Airfield

Remember; drive only 5 MPH over the farm driveway. Also stay out of the way of any farming operations, leave the gate just as you found it, and don’t drive in the hay field. Review the airfield rules on the signs posted at the airfield and on the club website every once in a while as well.

Winter 2018-2019 News

Renewing NCRCM memberships for 2019

Thanks everyone for renewing your NCRCM club membership again this year. Your support and participation in the club is greatly appreciated. Your membership renewal is helping us keep a flying site in the Tillamook area.

New Assembly Tables and mower ramp 

The table and mower ramp replacement project is complete.  The club purchased the lumber and materials for replacement of three airplane assembly tables and the ramp.  Mike Zaugg built them for us as part of his Eagle Scout services badge.  He did an excellent job.  They look nice, are sturdy and should last a long time.  Thanks Mike, we are lucky you chose our club for your project.   We also had to replace one of the engine startup stands.  Bob rebuild it for us and did excellent as well. 


Rogue Valley Flyers in Grants Pass, Oregon is having thier RC Swap Meet on Saturday, March 30.

The Wenatchee Washington RED APPLE FLYERS club is sponsoring a regional RC event June 7th.  The EVENT’S FLYER lists something for everyone. The photos on their web site  show an impressive looking facility.  Wenatchee is about 400 road miles from Tillamook.

Our club has no plan right now for an RC event in Tillamook this summer.  If you want to see one bring a proposal to a club meeting, suggesting a date for the event with a plan for such things as activities, notifications, food, amenities, and volunteer help. Our fun-fly events usually have plenty of uncrowded flying opportunity.  

Other Maintenance Issues

We discussed replacing the roadside signs at the December meeting and tentatively decided to not reinstall them. We feel signage at the airfield parking area and on this web site is probably adequate for most informational purposes. The airfield toilet’s flush peddles stopped working because the battery went bad. We have been using gallon water jugs for hand-pour flushing which seems to work fine and reduces costs for septic dumping and RV toilet antifreeze.  Cold weather has slowed growth of the grass until spring.  The wind sock was replaced.

This website needs a software upgrade that is more technical than normal ones. It could potentially knock the site offline for awhile if something goes wrong.  I hope to do it sometime this spring. If you can’t reach this site it is probably because I botched the upgrade, try again in a few days, hopefully I will have it fixed by then.

FAA registrations are extended to December 12, 2020

On December 12, 2017, Congress reinstated the FAA registration requirement for flying RC models, at that same time they also extended the expiration date of our pre-existing FAA registrations to December 12, 2020.  If you thought your FAA registration was expiring in 2018, you can now wait until the end of 2020 before renewing it.

FAA now requires registration numbers be externally displayed

The FAA just recently revised their rules to say that a FAA numbers must be displayed somewhere on the OUTSIDE of RC models.  They previously had allowed the registration number to be placed inside of a removable hatch or canopy. They said the new rule to display the number on the outer surface was made out of concern for first responders afraid of opening hatches on potentially booby trapped drones.  On the plus side, it is probably better that a policeman or fireman does not need to open up your RC plane’s canopy or hatch to obtain your FAA number because they might just use a shovel or a crow bar to do that.  On the other hand, anyone suspecting a possible booby trap would probably remotely explode your wayward model, FAA number or not.

Fall 2017 News

Fall has arrived

Fall is here, nights are cooling and days are shorter but we still have plenty of nice-weather days for flying so come out to the airfield before the winter weather arrives (maybe mid-November-ish?).


The club welcomes our new member Scott Gordon. He joined in early October.   Scott lives west of Tillamook. He has been to the field a couple times. I have not met him yet, but hopefully will soon.


There wasn’t any specially important club business brought up during the October 2nd meeting.  We had 6 members present and had about an hour of general discussion and friendly chit-chat before adjourning at about 8:00 pm. The next club meeting is September 6th, 7:00 pm

Steve Durham photo of his airplanes with Stuart’s plane in the air (Click photo to enlarge)

FAA rules

FAA registration is required for RC models

The FAA is now requiring recreational flyers like us to register our aircraft.  It cost $5, and has to be renewed every three years. You can register on the FAA’s web site with a credit card for payment and as proof of identity. The registration documentation will be sent to your email address.  Print it or keep it on your smart phone as proof of registration while you are flying. An FAA registration number will be assigned to you. It must be displayed on each of your models. The registration requirement applies for all RC aircraft over 8 ounces flying weight, even those that are not drones.  See the FAA’s FAQ page for more details about the process.

The AMA is still fighting the FAA on this.  They hope FAA will agree to accept AMA’s registration and numbering in place of the FAA’s and exempt AMA members from the three year re-registration as long as they remain an AMA member.  Unfortunately this dispute probably won’t be decided prior to the FAA deadline. The AMA has been  encouraging everyone to continue submitting comments to the FAA.  I submitted one more comment on Jan 15, the last day for submissions. Read it here.  Hopefully that comment of mine is the knockout punch, the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, the one that is good enough to make the FAA role over in submission and tap out.  But probably that’s not going to happen.