Experimental UAV Flight Postponed

Researchers from the ODFW and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida planned to fly an experimental autonomously guided airplane (also called a UAV or drone) around Haystack rock that is offshore of Pacific City, but the experiment was cancelled when the FAA would not give them the OK to fly without additional deliberation.  The flight team had called Steve (NCRCM’s Club President) and arranged to make some test flights with the aircraft from our club’s airfield prior to the actual flight over the ocean.  Unfortunately, because of the postponement, we did not get to see them fly , but hopefully they will return soon and let us see their aircraft and its operation.  For more info….. Here is the original news article and photo from the Headlight Herald newspaper.

On a related note, I notice the Senate committee that is drafting new FAA rules has reduced the size of the RC restriction zones they will be placing around full scale airports.  It is down to a 5 mile radius, previously it was 8 miles, which is real good news for us because our NCRCM airfield is about 6 or 7 miles from Tillamook’s airport   Here is a link to more news from AMA on the subject of UAV and drone RC flight.