Fall 2019

Indoor Free Flight Event Nov 2 – 3

An indoor free flight event will be coming to the Tillamook blimp hanger November 2nd and 3rd. It will feature time trials for AMA free flight events. It involves launching small super light planes that circle very slowly under power with a goal of staying aloft for the longest time. There are limits on the power and other features depending on the event class. Free flight means there is no radio gear, but they do use a tethered helium balloon to nudge the plane away from walls and ceiling. I don’t know any NCRCM club members having free flight planes that might want to participate, but it might be interesting to visit the museum that weekend to watch and learn. (more info)

Speed sign

Pete donated a very nice looking speed sign that is posted next to the tables at the airfield. It will help remind everyone to not drive too fast on the farm. Be aware that the driveway is used by farm equipment with limited visibility while loading, backing out of barns, and emerging from alleyways. The drive is also used by a family with children.

RC Swap Meet Nov 9th

A sizable RC swap meet will be held in Olympia Washington. Take a look at their impressive promotional links for more information: Order tables, Event poster, Promotional video.

Stuart’s Yak 55 wing – direct hit – in the air