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 February 2nd and March 2nd meeting minutes, plus other news

Congratulations to Robert Andrews, our club president, for obtained a new dream job working for Insitu Inc. making parts for their new UAV which is called the Flexrotor. Robert is doing composite work in carbon fiber for that UAV.  It has a very unique and interesting design which gives it the major advantage of having both a long range plus a vertical takeoff and landing without the need for any cumbersome launch or recovery equipment.  The company is based in White Salmon Washington so unfortunately Robert will be moving there soon and we won’t get to see him all that often anymore.  Robert said he is willing to continue serving as President for our club and the club decided that it’s OK and wants to keep him as our president so continue consulting him about club matters via phone or email.  He said a local club in the area has a very nice RC airfield very close to where he will be moving.

Dennis Wright is a new club member who joined our club in February.  Dennis is from the Portland area and is also a member and officer in the OMAS club in Banks, Oregon.  He came to fly with us and discovered that our field is a good place to fly his quarter scale planes. We had a good time flying with him and look forward to seeing him again.  Walter Swanson is another new club member who is in the process of joining.  Walter is a retired Navy veteran and is a long time RC flyer.  He offered to help us with some of the chores at the airfield which is very much appreciated. Steven Durham is our newest club member.  He joined in mid-March. Pete has met Steven but I have not talked with him yet so I can’t say much about him other than he lives in Lincoln City. Welcome to the club Dennis, Walter and Steven.

Matt Bingenheimer said he reserved a table at the McMinnville RC Swap Meet on March 14th and offered to let NCRCM club members sell their stuff at his table with him.   Matt say’s he still has room in his Excursion if anyone wants a ride. his number is  503-812-6238.

Several people renewed memberships in February so the club’s financial situation is starting to look fine again.  Wow, this spring has been yielding nice sunny flying days, one right after another, I hope it keeps up.

 January 5th meeting minutes

Click image for event poster and details.

The meeting started at 7:00 pm and was attended by seven members.  Several of us renewed our memberships for 2015 and paid dues at the start of the meeting.  Pete donated some money toward the cost of Christmas gifts.  Pete is sort of like our Santa, he bought some nice gifts and delivered them to the field owner and farm resident who graciously allow us to fly on their property.  Robert Munsell Sr. resigned his club presidency. He did a good job as President.  Hopefully he will continue doing a great job as our chief maintenance engineer keeping the mowers and everything in working order.  The club voted Rob Andrews to be our newest club president.  Welcome and thanks for taking on that role Rob.  If you want to talk to Rob about RC issues or about the club his phone number is 503-965-2233 . I described the new runway surface area (see details in previous post).  A financial report was given which revealed that (including recent 2015 dues) we will start out the new year with somewhat less money than we started last year, but we still should be able to cover our normal expenses in 2015 because expenses should be significantly lower in the coming year as well.  Members can view the details of the club’s finances by clicking on the CLUB DOCS icon at the top of this page. Your password is in the lower left corner of your membership card.  Rob brought in his new JR 450 3D helicopter for show-and-tell.  It was quite a well built machine. Rob said the model was a good price and it floats effortlessly with less cells that the Align version that he previously owned.   Rob talked about his amazing adventure while piloting an aerial camera platform over the Snake River in Eastern Oregon for the filming of a documentary being produced by a major film company. The scenes are focused on the bridge which stands high over the river. Steep canyon walls covered in snow and ice made access to the river difficult so they had to canoe up the river to get in position under the bridge. They also had to wait for just the right snow cover and sky conditions so that the scenes would match previously filmed scenes.  Hopefully Rob will play some of his footage for us at an upcoming club meeting.  Bill brought his new Cub for show-and-tell.  It was the one reviewed in an AMA article a couple months back and it has the electronic flight stabilization feature.  It looked very nice.  I don’t think he had flow it yet. Members shared stories of recent flying misfortunes, things we that we have all experienced that we could laugh over. The meeting was adjourned about 8:30 pm.


 Insitu Flexrotor test flight.

Best crash video ever.

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