Become a North Coast RC Modeler

become an NCRCM club memberWe hope you will become an RC flyer and join our club.  It is a great hobby and the club membership will give you a great place to fly and will help you meet other enthusiasts who also enjoy the hobby.  Everyone is welcome to join, you don’t need to already be an RC flyer, we can help you figure it out and get your first plane up in the air safely and get that all-important practice while you learn to control it.   We have about 20 – 25 members and you will often find about a half dozen flyers at the airfield on the nicer Saturday or Sunday mornings.   We also get together for fun-fly events and club meetings.

Annual NCRCM membership dues:  (funds are used for mower gas, repairs and other club expenses).
  • $40 – Full year for adults
  • $20 – Half year for adults (if you join after July 1st)
  • Free membership if you are under 18 years old.
  • Renew each January (memberships expire April 15 if dues are not renewed)

How to join NCRCM (or renew)

   In person An easy way to join is to just attend a meeting or visit the airfield on a Saturday morning and tell a club officer that you want to be a member, give him your info and a dues payment. 

   By postal mail –   You can also apply by mail if you prefer. Send this membership application, or send the following information on plain paper:

  • Name:
  • Address
  • Phone
  • AMA Number:    (required before flying solo at the airfield)
  • Email address:   (optional)
  • Other:    (Requests, questions, anything you want to share about yourself, etc.)

Send the application info with cash or a check for the dues to:       ( makeChecks payable to North Coast RC Modelers )
North Coast RC Modelers
2418 1st Street
Tillamook, OR 97141

You will be issued a membership card and can start using your membership privileges right away. The news of your new membership will be announced at the next club meeting and posted on the Club News web page as well.

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership is important

It is important to join the AMA as well as be a member of your local RC club.  AMA provides liability insurance coverage to RC clubs who’s members also have AMA memberships.  Without the liability coverage provided by the AMA we would have difficulty getting landowner permission to use their property for RC flying.  Your AMA membership not only will give you personal liability protection, but you also receive a decent monthly RC magazine and it also allows you to participate in RC events all over North America.  AMA charges about $75 per year for its regular membership but they have discounts for seniors, youth, student pilots and those who fly smaller “park” sized models.

 FAA Registration

The FAA now requirs recreational flyers like us to register our aircraft with them.  It costs $5, and is renewed every three years. Register on the FAA’s web site  The registration documentation should be with you while you are flying and your assigned FAA registration number must be displayed on each of your models. This registration requirement only applies to RC aircraft over 8 ounces flying weight, even those that are not drones.  See the FAA’s FAQ page for more details about the process.

Membership Requirements

By applying for or renewing membership you agree to abide by the club’s rules.  (view rules)