June News

Meeting minutes – June 4th

5 people attended the June meeting. We made more plans for the Aug 31st Fun Fly event, went over a checklist, assigned a few tasks to people and decided what supplies are needed.

There was some discussion on changing the runway and airfield layoutStuart suggested moving tables, chairs benches and barriers back away from the middle of the runway about 10 feet to allow a little wider landing area.  Bob suggested rotating the entire west edge of the runway turning it away from the creek to make it wider towards the north.  In the end we finally agreed the runway is plenty wide just the way it is and do neither. It is about 60 to 70 feet wide over its full 300 foot length depending on how far out the pilot stations are placed. We did agree on a couple of minor changes though.  We will locate the shade canopy right next to the setup tables this year and we will remove the North half of the barrier fence so that it does not block use of that shade canopy.  Removing that portion of the barrier will also open up a tight corner that is very difficult to mow.

Maintenance was discussed. It was noted that the warm-up benches are starting to fall apart but it was also noted that we rarely use more than one or two at a time, because most people have gone electric, so two is probably plenty.  The setup tables are still functional but do need staining again.  The creek bank is encroaching on its barrier fence (behind the storage shed) so that fence will need to be moved a bit. most fence posts are leaning and need to be reset.  A blade is probably bent on the green mower causing mowing stripes. Trash needs to be dumped.  The shade canopy still needs to be set up.  The toilet seems OK but its status will need to be checked shortly before the fun fly event. We decided to have a work party day on Sunday June 30th and try to tackle some of those jobs after (or before) the flying that day.

Club Inbox – June email messages

The USA pattern team sent this message requesting our help funding their trip to South Africa to compete. The Woodburn Dusters sent a notification about two events they are hosting; Bigger Bird on June 22-23 for larger aircraft and Doolittle Days July 6-7 for golden age racers and war birds from the Jimmy Doolittle era.  South Lane RC Modelers invited us to attend their fun fly event called War Birds Over the Pacific that will be held in Cottage Grove, Oregon on July 12th through 14th.