Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2012

The meeting was attended by Bob, Bill, Stuart, Matt and Steve.  We discussed mower repair and field maintenance.  Bob said he would replace the mower belt and work on the mowers.  We talked about organizing a work party to get the airfield in shape for spring but decided to see what was needed and do some maintenance over the weekend and then save the organized work party effort for just before the June fun fly.   We discussed possible dates for our 2012 fun fly and we settled on Saturday June 9th as having the best fit.  We still need to talk to Norm to make sure that date is OK with him before we commit to sending out invitations and advertising.  We decided on a one day event with a 5$ landing fee and will work on additional details at the next meetings.   We discussed obtaining a missing part for Rob’s shade shelter (no resolution).  We discussed potential new members and reviewed the list of people that have or are likely to renew memberships in 2012.

Followup notes:  Bob fixed the mowers on the following Saturday and they are in good shape now.  The field was mowed, weed sprayed, and trimmed on the following Sunday, It was rolled on the 14th, tables were repaired on the 15th,  It still needs table painting, shed washing, sign work,  safety supplies, frequency pin repairs, weed eater repair, maybe a little fertilizer on the bare spots, another spraying, and weekly mowings.

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