Meeting minutes – Feb 2012

A regular scheduled monthly club meeting was held on Feb  2, 2012 at the new location.

Eight people were present; Steve, Matt, Gary, Stuart, Bill, Ken, Mike and Eric. Three people renewed membership at the meeting.  January minutes were read.  Financial report was not read (Treasurer forgot – see it here). The new meeting location and alternatives for access was described by Steve. The completed AMA charter renewal and insurance application was noted and checked for accurate phone numbers.  A safety discussion was lead by Matt and a consensus that developed was for members to bring first aid supply donations to the next meeting, Matt will work on airfield signage for safety rules, a water filled garden sprayer will be donated for extinguishing grass and a chemical sprayer might be donated or purchased for extinguishing fuel/vehicle fire. Steve brought up the topic of the next Fun Fly. We decided we didn’t need to advertise it with AMA and could work out details in future meetings. Open discussion topics included among other things the various new models that people were building, purchasing or selling and some notable RC flights seen on video.