Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2012

Eight people attended the meeting; Pete, Stuart, Bob, Matt, Steve, Mike, BIll, and Gary.  Bob brought some stain for the tables. Gary brought  his new quadcopter, Bill brought his electric Cessna and motors.  We discussed new members and some old members we haven’t heard from in awhile. We talked about the Othello heli fun fly, three are attending so far.   We decided on several things concerning the 2012 NCRCM Tillamook  fun fly.  We OK’d the funding of Stan’s suggestion for gravelling the driveway.  Steve will talk to Stan to see if he wants to be in change of that project; getting the OK from Norm, ordering the gravel, arranging for spreading, etc.  Steve will mail out the Fun Fly invitations soon.  He will arrange for airpots for coffee and also arrange for Heli Direct door prizes.  Stuart made a poster and Pete will give them to nearby hobby shops.  Pete will also handle the pilot registrations and money for the event.  Rob will again do the food, drinks, water and snacks, Matt might bring a generator, othewise no electricity.  Rob’s tarp structure might be setup if we can get BIll’s donated metal corner piece to fit it.  Tables will be painted and grass will be mowed by whoever can help.  The JUNE 7 MEETING will be at the AIRFIELD and will be a work party for setting up the Fun Fly event (come early).