New videos added to gallery


Garibaldi aerial video
Aerial video of Garibaldi Oregon

I added a couple new videos in the video gallery. One features an aerial camera view of the town of Garibaldi with views of the old mill smoke stack, the marina and Tillamook Bay. The other shows Bob’s Corsair making several low passes.  There are also a few more old time photos in Photo Gallery 3.

The club has its own channel in YouTube now called ncrcmtube.  Some guy from Brazil had already claimed a YouTube channel named “ncrcm”. I will put the new club videos in the ncrcmtube channel from now on, instead of in the old shoffmantube channel.  I can’t move the videos from one channel into the other but can link them with play lists.  If you make videos for the club’s channel I can  help you upload them or maybe just give you the keys.