November News – Not a lot to report

Activity  –  RC activity has slowed down these last couple months due to the wet winter weather. Sorry to say that I have not gone to the airfield for about 6 weeks. We have had a few sporadic days of nice weather, so hopefully someone has taken advantage of them to do a little flying.  I suppose there are a couple maintenance chores that need attention.  I hope to check on the field and maybe do a little flying as soon as a nice weekend comes along.

Last Meeting  –  The last  meeting, on Nov 1st, was attended by 5 members; Pete, Steve, Bill, Matt and myself.  There was not much discusion on the subject of club business but there was a fair amount of lively discussion on a variety of general aviation and RC topics.

Rule change  –  The AMA sent out a link that describes their newly updated rule policy for FPV, failsafe, stabilization and autopilot systems. The new rules continue to require that FPV flights are to be flow within VLOS (visual line of site) with the aid of an experienced AMA pilot acting as a spotter but the spotter no longer needs to have a buddy boxed radio.  The other notable rule change is that FPV aircraft now must be under 15 lbs and flown at less than 70 mph.  Everything else seems basically unchanged by this revision (Except for maybe a new issue with privacy if you do aerial photography or AMA exclusion if you are earning money with the hobby).

Next meeting  –  I plan to bring a computer with a Flight Simulator to the next meeting, as has been suggested a couple times. It might be fun and interesting to anyone who has not tried one yet.