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Status of FAA rule making

AMA recently held a public discussion on the topic of the FAA rule making process over unmanned aircraft and how it might affect the RC hobby.  You can see the video by going to this link:  The rule has not been finalized and released yet but basically it sounds like AMA’s current rules and safety requirements will become FAA rules, about a year from now.  Be on the lookout for the comment period a few months from now when you will be able to object to the parts of the new rule that seem stupid.


We moved the club’s monthly business meetings to a new location which is near the Air Museum three miles South of  Tillamook.  We no longer hold it at the Tillamook Eagles Club.   Please call or send a message to get the directions to the new meeting location.

Meeting Minutes Jan 5th

  • Five members present, Steve, Pete, Stuart, Bob and Mike.
  • New meeting location approved, Pete will send email notices to members sometime in late January.
  • Mike Walsh won the drawing for the free 2012 dues.
  • Decided to leave the combination for the storage shed padlock unchanged for now.
  • Discussed safety and supervision of children, visitors, pets, settled on using a  tactful verbal reminder with possibly a sign saying the pit area is for pilots only.
  • Reviewed the airfield visitor policy. Unannounced visitors are welcome Sat and Sun mornings otherwise they should give prior notice or be accompanied by a club member.
  • Discussed items for sale and the upcoming swap meet.
  • Reviewed the expenditures and revenues during 2011.  We ended the year with close to the same amount that we stared with. We expect less expenses in the coming year 2012 but may get less revenue as well.

Aviation themed videos

Here are some videos with an aviation theme from the web site

Amazing RC bird.
C-130J “Super” Hercules at Paris Air Show 2011
Impressive helicopter landing in rough seas.
Chinook helicopter on a recovery mission.
Recent riots in Warsaw filmed with an RC helicopter.
Impressive helicopter flying.
Attaching a camera to a helicopter rotor: A distorted world view.
RC Helicopter Skills: Wall landing.
$1900 camera and an RC helicopter create this amazing video.
Helicopter carries a plane.
Australian helicopter cowboys.
RC helicopter tricks.
Over excitement over paper airplanes, watch till end.
Airplane truck drop.
Discovery’s space shuttle launch viewed from an airplane.
A typical day of air traffic: Each dot represents an airplane.
Brazil: Collection of RC airplane’s flights in FPV.
Small aircraft’s engine dies, pilot epically lands airplane.
Recently Declassified: 1945 airplane gun camera footage from Japan.
Lufthansa: Pillow fight breaks out on airplane.
Matt Hall’s incredible airplane recovery.
Beautiful airplane landing.
Behind the scenes at Boeing: Airplane made in two minutes.
Airplane empties water tank.
RC indoor airplane aerobatics.
Airplane to airplane skydive.

You also might enjoy this humorous aviation theme video collection on

Recent airfield activity – Dec 2011

We have had more than week of real nice flying weather lately (last of November and Early December). The mornings have started out a little foggy and cold, (near freezing) but the sun comes out bright and quickly burns away the fog and heats everything up nicely by about 10:00 AM. Several flyers have taken advantage of the good weather; Ken, Eric, Tim, Gary, Bob, Ken, Steve, Stan, Matt, Stuart, Pete and John have all been out at the airfield lately. Don Masterson brought out his medium sized electric blade heli and flew it around very well. Don was very active in the club in the 90’s and early 2000’s and he is possibly considering getting a Trex 450. Steve flew his new TRex 700 which made a big presence in the air and on the ground. He also tested out the 35% YAK that he converted from electric to DA50 gas. I tested out my new (to me) Trex 550E and am very pleased with it. Tim flew his new 40 size aerobatic model. Bob changed the incidence on his champ which tamed down the landings. It’s been a good week for flying and it looks like the dry but cold weather will continue for awhile.

New club officers – Meeting minutes Dec 2011

The North Coast RC Modelers selected two new officers during the December 2011 meeting. Congratulations to Steve, our new club president, and Matt, our new safety officer. I think they both will be a great fit for those positions and do well. Pete was re-elected vice president and Stuart was re-elected Secretary-Treasurer.

The decision to move the meeting location was postponed because there is still some question about one of the potential new locations. The next meeting will be held at the Eagles Club on January 5th at 7:00 pm.

Pete raised discussion about a Christmas gift for Norm, the property owner, and Ken ,the resident, to help express our appreciation for allowing us to fly at the farm. Pete offered to select the gifts, make the purchases and present them to Norm and Ken. The club approved the proposal and the funding.

We discussed the condition and wording of the signs. We decided to repaint a couple, change the wording of one  and possibly relocating another. Stuart and Bob will work on them over the winter.

Steve brought in the display model that he finished for the Civil Air Patrol Cadets. It is a sharp looking plane.

The financial report was read, and we reviewed the November minutes.

There were eight member present; Pete, Mike, Bob, Matt, Steve, Bill, Gary and Stuart.

The meeting was then opened for informal discussion and adjourned about 8:30 or 9:00.

New Heli models seen at the field

Steve's new Trex 700N
Steve's new Trex 700N

Steve brought out a new Trex 700N helicopter.  It looks huge compared to all the other helicopters.  Steve said it had been only lightly used by the previous owner but he got it for a very modest price and it came with some decent upgrades.  Steve also brought out his new Chipmunk that he recently built from a kit. Stuart bought Steve’s Trex 550E that was originally was owned by Eric.  Stan has been flying his new Align Trex 500.

New videos added to gallery


Garibaldi aerial video
Aerial video of Garibaldi Oregon

I added a couple new videos in the video gallery. One features an aerial camera view of the town of Garibaldi with views of the old mill smoke stack, the marina and Tillamook Bay. The other shows Bob’s Corsair making several low passes.  There are also a few more old time photos in Photo Gallery 3.

The club has its own channel in YouTube now called ncrcmtube.  Some guy from Brazil had already claimed a YouTube channel named “ncrcm”. I will put the new club videos in the ncrcmtube channel from now on, instead of in the old shoffmantube channel.  I can’t move the videos from one channel into the other but can link them with play lists.  If you make videos for the club’s channel I can  help you upload them or maybe just give you the keys.