Pilot brand airplane invasion

Large, gasoline fueled airplanes are becoming popular at the NCRCM airfield. The three in the photo below are Pilot brand models.  Left to right, are Eric’s 37% edge with 120cc DLE, Steve’s 30% Yak with 50cc DLE, and Stuart’s 26% Yak with 38cc Mintor.  Paul Bayley, David Grigg and Gary Cox also fly quarter scale airplanes.

These larger planes are not cheap to build but are very economical to fly and are tons of fun because their size, relative to the size and speed of the air currents, makes them react predictably and precisely .  They are great for flying 3-D aerobatics and for precision pattern flight. The smaller electric models are the most popular type because modern batteries and motors have made electric models powerful, economical, and convenient to built with almost no upkeep or maintenance.   Alcohol / nitro fueled planes are no longer as common as they once were, but they are still a very good choice for the mid-sized models because at that size their combination of power-to-weight, fuel consumption, flight time, and costs can give them an edge over electric or gasoline power.

The second photo below shows a youngster posing in front of Eric’s plane.  It was emailed to the club from Joseph Chung who snapped the picture while visiting the airfield with his family the end of August. (click photos to expand to full size).

Large scale airplane crew
An airfield visitor next to Eric Manning's 37% edge