Sept News


Sept 7 meeting minutes

Bob, Matt, Bill, Gary, Rob, and Stuart attended.  No old business carried over.

Stuart gave the financial report which shows that we are holding steady with plenty of savings to cover operating expenses for the next season, assuming we don’t have some surprise abnormal expense.

Matt gave a safety report and mentioned that hot dry weather dry has created extreme wildfire danger conditions.  He said that a recent RC related fire in the valley burned a utility pole which was extinguished by their fire department.  Gary and Rob described how a helicopter they were working on started up unexpectedly at full speed due to accidentally reversing the wrong radio channel. Fortunately the model was running with negative pitch so it stayed pinned to the ground long enough for Rob to correct that channel so the motor could be stopped.

Matt talked about a pen plotter that he recently acquired and said he can print off vector file versions of downloaded airplane designs for us. He may mount a laser cutter or vinyl cutter to it someday as well.

Stuart brought up field maintenance issues.  There is a pack rat making a mess in the storage shed (update: He waged a tough and valiant battle but has finally been evicted).  The trailer lights on the portable outhouse stopped working, we talked about getting a set of detachable trailer lights for it.  One of the overhead door cables broke and will need to be repaired soon before the other one gives out.  Ron suggested (outside of the meeting) that we look into putting down some geotec fabric. He said he will gather some info on it and forward the details to me so we can discuss it at the upcoming Oct 6 club meeting.

Quadcopters are actors in a live performance.