Spring 2020

Passing of Club member Stan Ray

Stan Ray recently died on June 5, 2020. Stan was an active and influential club member throughout much of the club’s history. He was a former club president, vice president, and generously helped with the club in many ways over many years. Our long time members flew with him often and we will remember him and will miss him. More about Stan

FAA Registration Renewal Due 12/12/2020

The FAA sent an email saying that FAA registrations need to be renewed before December 12, 2020. It is the same process as before and isn’t very difficult. It only costs $5 so they are not in it for the money. The minimal charge is probably just a way to help verify identities through the credit card transaction. Here is a link to the FAA registration page, or go to the FAA login page if you already have a registration and want to renew it.

I’m not sure what happens if you forget to renew your registration until after the expire date. I was happy to discover that the FAA won’t require us to file an accident report when crashing a plane. Reports are only needed in the event of serious bodily injury or for serious ($500) damage to property other than to your own airplane.

June Meeting Canceled, July 6th is our next

Our monthly club meeting is cancelled again for the month of June. Our next meeting will be held on July 6th 7:00 PM at the normal place. The last few meetings have been cancelled due to Covid-19 social distancing recommendations. We didn’t want to restart the meetings too early thus jeopardize future use of the room. If you have any items or topics that the club might want to address please phone or email them to Pete and/or the other officers. The club will then deal with the issue by phone if possible.

Airfield Still ACCESSIBLE to members

You may find that the driveway gate into the RC airfield is held closed by a chain at various times. It also has a new “Authorized Personnel Only” sign posted on it as well. Norm has confirmed that it is still OK for RC club members to access the airfield. Please leave the gate just as you found it after going through. Farm hands and the farm resident will leave it open or closed at certain times for a variety of reasons. We don’t want to interfere with their efforts.

VIRUS precautions at the airfield

Flying is unlikely to expose you to the Coronavirus so long as you stay separated at your own flight table, and you don’t ride there in a car with someone. Please stay at home if you or anyone you are in contact with has been sick during the last two weeks.

Remote ID is coming to the hobby

The FAA will require remote identification radio signal devices for drones and RC airplanes some years from now. Details can be found in this FAA document. Thankfully, the document say’s planes flown at AMA registered airfields such as ours will be exempted. New commercially manufactured RC airplanes at some point will be required to come installed with such a device. I hope that includes just ready-to-fly models and not ARFs. This won’t be good for the future of the hobby. The increased costs for devices, costs for internet connection service to the device, costs for AMA membership, and all the added complexity will inhibit casual first timers from dipping their toe into this hobby. This is being driven mostly by companies like Amazon that are lobbying for commercial use of unmanned flight delivery vehicles. It seems unfair to us line-of-sight RC flyers. It is like if they someday require all pedestrians and bicycles to carry a remote identification device so that driverless automobiles can avoid running into them. In the late 1800’s there were laws requiring a person to walk ahead of automobiles holding a red flag for warning horse riders of approaching horseless carriages. Pennsylvania even tried to pass a law forcing horseless carriage operators to disassemble the vehicle and hide it behind bushes to let any horses or livestock go past it. So I guess it could have been worse. Never underestimate the ability of government to be excessively burdensome in the name of safety.