Summer 2019

Elk Fence

 In August, an elk fence was placed around the farm property and there is now an entrance gate at the driveway. Please leave the gate open or closed just as you found it after going through it; however If you see that elk are approaching the gate then close it so they cannot enter onto the farm property.

Runway Tarp

We removed the red tarp that was being used for a small-plane runway. It was handy for the few small planes that could use it however the long edges gradually became exposed and started catching on landing gear. It would have been difficult to reinstall it deeper in the ground. It was also starting to become frayed in spots from age and from mower contact. The bare spot is seeded and will be covered in new grass soon.

Drive Slow at the Airfield

Remember; drive only 5 MPH over the farm driveway. Also stay out of the way of any farming operations, leave the gate just as you found it, and don’t drive in the hay field. Review the airfield rules on the signs posted at the airfield and on the club website every once in a while as well.