Winter 2018-2019 News

Renew your NCRCM membership for 2019

Thanks everyone for renewing your NCRCM club membership again this year. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated and your membership renewals are vital to our club.

Tables, signs and airfield conditions

The scout table replacement project is active.  You will soon see three new replacements for the airplane assembly tables and a mower ramp.  One startup stand is fairly rotten but it may not be replaced until spring.  We discussed replacing the roadside signs at the December meeting and tentatively have decided to not reinstall them.  We feel signage at the airfield and on this web site is probably adequate for most informational purposes. The airfield toilet’s flush peddles stopped working because the battery went bad so we have been using gallon water jugs for hand-pour flushing. It seems to work fine. The advantages are that we don’t have to buy a new battery, are using less water, which reduces our septic dumping costs, and we no longer have to spend a bunch of money on RV antifreeze for the system during the winter.  The cold weather has stopped growth of the runway grass, thank goodness.  The rats and yellow jackets have all been evicted from our structures but one slightly evasive and aggressive mole still plagues the parking area.

FAA registrations are extended to December 12, 2020

On December 12, 2017, Congress reinstated the FAA registration requirement, and at that same time they extended the expiration date for all the existing FAA registrations to December 12, 2020.  So, people like me who thought they were expiring in 2018 can wait until the end of 2020 before renewing with the FAA.