Winter 2018-2019 News

Renewing NCRCM memberships for 2019

Thanks everyone for renewing your NCRCM club membership again this year. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated and your membership renewals are vital to our club and lets you have a great place to fly in the Tillamook area.

New Assembly Tables and mower ramp 

The table and mower ramp replacement project is complete.  The club purchased the raw lumber for replacement of three airplane assembly tables and the ramp.  Mike Zaugg built them for us as part of his Eagle Scout services badge.  He did an excellent job.  They look nice, are sturdy and should last a long time.  Thanks Mike, we are lucky you chose our club for your project.   We will still need to replace one of the engine startup stands.  The old one was rotten and fell apart after it blew over during a recent storm. Bob is planning to build it for us.  There is some treated 2×4 lumber leftover from the table project that can be used for the stand.  If anyone has some spare 2×6 treated lumber they can donate for the stand drop it off at the airfield.

Summer Events

The Wenatchee Washington RED APPLE FLYERS club is sponsoring a regional RC event June 7th.  The EVENT’S FLYER lists something for everyone. The photos on their web site  show an impressive looking facility.  Wenatchee is about 400 road miles from Tillamook.

Our club has no plans yet for an RC event in Tillamook this summer.  If you want to see one, bring your proposal to an early spring club meeting.  You  would need to guide the club into a date for the event as well as a plan for the advertising or invitations, activities, food or other such amenities, some volunteers and their assignments, etc. One thing that Tillamook events usually have, better than at most other such events, is plenty of uncrowded flying time for everyone.  

Other Maintenance Issues

We discussed replacing the roadside signs at the December meeting and tentatively decided to not reinstall them. We feel signage at the airfield and on this web site is probably adequate for most informational purposes. The airfield toilet’s flush peddles stopped working because the battery went bad so we have been using gallon water jugs for hand-pour flushing. It seems to work fine and has the advantages that we don’t have to buy a new battery, are using less water, reduces our septic dumping costs, and we no longer have to spend a bunch of money on RV toilet antifreeze during the winter.  Cold weather has slowed growth of the grass, thank goodness.  Rats and yellow jackets are gone but an elusive mole is still hanging out in the parking area.  The wind sock is temporarily down but a new one is coming.  

FAA registrations are extended to December 12, 2020

On December 12, 2017, Congress reinstated the FAA registration requirement for flying RC models, at that same time they also extended the expiration date for any pre-existing FAA registration to December 12, 2020.  So people like me, who thought their FAA registration was expiring in 2018, can now wait until the end of 2020 before renewing it.

FAA now requires your registration number be externally displayed

The FAA just recently revised their rules to say that a FAA numbers must be displayed somewhere on the OUTSIDE of RC models.  They previously had allowed the registration number to be placed inside of a hatch or canopy. They said the rule was made at the request of first responders afraid of opening booby trapped drones.  On the plus side, it is probably better that a policeman or fireman does not need to open up your RC plane’s canopy or hatch to obtain your FAA number because they might just use a shovel or a crow bar.  On the other hand, I doubt any easily faked or real external FAA number will ease suspicions, and they will just remotely blow your wayward model into pieces, number or not.