Winter 2018/2020

Renew your membership in 2020

Our club needs to keep its members and its airfield. Your renewal is vital to keeping the airfield available. Dues pay for the mower gas, mower parts, insurance, and other airfield related expenses. Membership numbers have declined slowly over the years. Our income and funds have slowly declined as well but we still have adequate savings so we don’t need to raise the price of our dues yet. So long as most members continue to renew and expenses stay about the same we should be fine for quite awhile. Thank you everyone for keeping our club going.

Indoor Free Flight Event in Tillamook

An AMA sanctioned indoor free flight event will be coming to the Tillamook blimp hanger February 15 &16. It will feature free flight time trials. It involves launching small super light planes that circle very slowly under power with a goal of staying aloft for the longest time. There are limits on the power and other features depending on the event class. Free flight means there is no radio gear, but they do use a tethered helium balloon to nudge the plane away from walls and ceiling. I don’t know any NCRCM club members having free flight planes that might want to participate, but it might be interesting to visit the museum that weekend to watch and learn. (more info). This same event was previously held here last November, so maybe it will be an ongoing thing.

McMinnville Swap Meet March 13 & 14

The 2020 McMinnville swap meet will be held in the Heritage Museum building this year. This new location has much more display space and parking space than the former fairgrounds location. Three NCRCM members, Steve Durham, Matt Bingenheimer, and Stan Ray are planning to have tables there. Matt said he was interested in sharing a table with someone. (more info).