Winter 2018 News

Club officers re-elected for two more years

All Club Officers were re-elected to serve in their current positions during our January 8th meeting.  There were no other nominations.  Several people renewed their club membership at the meeting. A recent check revealed that most of us have an up-to-date on AMA Membership status.  If you are not sure about your own, you can look  here. 


FAA number  required again

The FAA’s  requirement for registration of model aircraft weighing over 8 ounces has been reinstated.  The FAA could levy a hefty fine to anyone for failing to register their model aircraft but as far as I know they are not actively prosecuting people for run-of-the-mill everyday registration violations.  They probably would the boom only on a person who is involved in some unfortunate incident, especially if that incident generated newspaper headlines .  The registration fee costs $5 to get the FAA number that you put on all your planes.   (Also don’t forget to also write your AMA number on your plane as well).  The FAA registration needs to be renewed every 3 years, so if you got one about the time that registration was first required you will need to renew again at about the end of 2018. The official FAA registration site is  Make sure the web address you are using starts off with the letters “”. If it does not, then you have likely arrived at a non-government site that is trying to make a little extra money by doing the registration for you as an intermediary between you and the FAA.  

AMA recently revised its rules

The AMA recently revised their rules. They made a few minor additions and also did some simplification of the wording.  Read AMA rules.

New Weather Widget

I added a new wind and temperature indicator located in the upper right corner of this web page. It shows current “live” wind and temp data from a weather station just east of the City of Tillamook.  It may go off-line sometimes but there are many other nearby weather stations listed at the bottom of the  Weather Underground page for Tillamook, and the Weather Underground page for Beaver Oregon