Winter 2020/2021

Bob Munsell’s club service appreciated

Bob Munsell, a long time club member, recently moved to Alaska. Bob performed several important services for the club. He maintained and repaired the mower, rolled lumps out of the runway, was the club’s safety officer, and often mowed. Don and Gary Masterson have now taken on the runway rolling and they are doing an excellent job. Stuart is keeping up with grass cuttings for the most part. Steve Durham has agreed to take over the club Safety Office position. We don’t have anyone to help with maintenance and repair of the mower yet. Luckily the mower has not broken down lately, but is just a matter of time. If you can help the club with any thing or if you want to serve as a club officer please let us know, we appreciate your help.

New Political Action Committee (PAC)

A new Political Action Committee called the PAC for Model Aviation has formed. It supports the political interests of the model aviation hobby. They take people’s donations and use the money to support friendly legislation and influence friendly politicians. Oregon tax payers can donate money to a PAC for free, however maybe not to this one . Oregon will give you a dollar for dollar credit on your Oregon taxes, up to $50 single, $100 married, for donations to a PAC however the credit is probably only allowed for PACs that are registered in Oregon, and I am not sure that this one qualifies. This PAC is trying to head off the requirement that RC planes carry a remote ID transponder device to feed live location data to the FAA while you are flying it. I am hoping this PAC can convince the FAA to exempt AMA airfields from that requirement.