Winter 2020/2021

Renew your 2021 membership

We look forward to you continuing your NCRCM club membership and participation in 2021.

This Web Site will be discontinued soon

We decided to not keep this web site after March of 2021. It is no longer cost effective for the club to pay for web hosting fees due to our declining memberships. The club has an old abandoned Facebook page that would have been an alternative however the original administrator of it moved on without setting it up for a new administrator. I don’t think anyone can even post on it. We will try to conduct all communication with club members by email, phone or text. Pete will probably be sending members a quarterly e-newsletter to keep everyone informed about club news and business. Make sure you update your email address with Pete if you did not receive an email message from him recently in December .

Why You Need Us and We Need You

We need your 2021 membership renewals to help keep the airfield here for you. and we need your participation in club activities so the hobby is an enjoyable social experience. Even though our membership numbers have declined quite a bit our dues are still only $40 per year. That amount barely covers the club’s bare-bones expenses with none left for equipment replacement or improvements so we can’t afford to loose you as a member.

You need to help us keep an AMA chartered club in the Tillamook area because a couple years from now (September 1, 2023) AMA chartered airfields will be the only place RC pilots are allowed to fly without having a special radio ID broadcast device in their plane. You can save on expense, complexity, and extra flying weight by flying at an AMA field in order to avoid having to install such devices in your plane. Renew your club membership, so we can keep the AMA airfield here in Tillamook County.

New Club officers in 2021

Our President continues to be Pete Owston. Our new Vice President is Ron Mayle. Our new Safety Manager is Steve Durham. Our Treasurer / Secretary continues to be Stuart Hoffman.

Meetings are still on hold this winter

We are thinking about holding a Zoom club meeting sometime in early 2021.

Do you want a cleaner runway?

We would like to purchase a tow-behind lawn sweeper this spring to help clean grass clippings off the runway. If a cleaner runway is something that you would like to see then add a donation with your 2021 dues to help the club make that happen. Keep an eye out for a used one about 40″ wide. A decent quality new one costs about $320.

Winter conditions

Our wind sock is now being stored in the outhouse to protect it from winter storms. From now to March put it back up temporarily while you are flying and then remove it when you are done.

Bob Munsell’s club service appreciated

Bob Munsell, a long time club member, recently moved to Alaska. Bob performed several important services for the club. He maintained and repaired the mower, rolled lumps out of the runway, was the club’s safety officer, and often mowed. Don and Gary Masterson have now taken on the runway rolling and they are doing an excellent job. Stuart is keeping up with grass cuttings for the most part. Steve Durham has agreed to take over the club Safety Officer position. We don’t have anyone to help with maintenance and repair of the mower yet. Luckily the mower has not broken down lately, but is just a matter of time. If you can help the club with any thing or if you want to serve as a club officer please let us know, we appreciate your help.