March April News


New aircraft – Stan Ray got his new E-flight Carbon Z Cub.  Here is a video of its maiden flight.  It flies beautifully and lands very nicely even in choppy winds.  Stan found that the Flap-Elevator mix settings are pretty sensitive because the cub did an abrupt nose down dive when he switching on a high percentage of mix. Luckily, Stan was testing it from a high altitude so he was able to recover it in time.

March 3rd club meeting minutes - Matt got a fire extinguisher for the airfield.  Bob talked about cleaning up old stuff in the shed and in the culvert pipe. We will do the house cleaning some day soon. The McMinnville RC Swap Meet was discussed, Stan, Matt and Gary said they were planning to go.  Our next meeting is on April 7th.  We should probably talk about dates for our local RC event.  There may be an important security topic to discus as well.

New event notices – The club received a couple invitations to nearby RC events.  The 2014 McMinnville Fun Fly is on July 12th.  A new annual event called Warbirds Over Oregon will be held July 19th in Turner Oregon by the Salem RC Pilots Association. The Fly-A-Ways RC Club announced a Scalemasters competition to be held in Banks on June 27-29.  I forwarded those email invitations to members, let me know if you didn’t get them or if you want your address included or excluded in the club’s mailing list.

Cool video - I was impressed with the effort that went into this video which incudes a whole lot of FPV flight footage that is presented in an very entertaining way.  It must have taken a lot of imagination, time, skill and effort to put it together.

December-January-February News


We hope you remember to renew your 2014 membership and continue to support RC flying in the Tillamook Area. Quite a few members have renewed their 2014 AMA and NCRCM club memberships already. Club dues are the same as last year, $40.  Your dues will help us meet our normal operating expenses and maintain the airfield again this year. (Click for more info on dues)

We are on the downhill side of winter now.  Thankfully, the airfield made it through the worst of this year’s cold and wind without any problems.  The month of January had a fair number of days with decent weather and I saw several people out flying. Paul brought out a new 1/4 scale biplane as well as a new glider. Both were beautifully done and looked great.  Matt’s son, Raymond, brought out a delta wing pusher that cuts through the air like a rocket.  It was probably approaching 100mph. Fun to watch. I almost strain a neck muscle trying to keep up with it.  I recently witnessed a real LiPo battery fire for the first time. It was triggered by a somewhat moderate nose-in crash (not mine, thankfully).  About a minute after the impact a huge dense cloud of smoke went up, soon followed by two more clouds from the two remaining cells that ignited sequentially, each about 1 minute apart. The smoke was too thick and ominous looking to get very close so there was nothing that could be done about it but just wait until it ran its course.   A considerable amount of heat melted everything within the engine compartment but surprisingly caused very little or no flaming. The balsa structure was somewhat charred but did not really catch on fire. No pictures, sorry.

We held elections at the January meeting.  Steve said he could not continue being President because he may be moving to Portland.  We hate to see him go.  Bob volunteered to take a turn in the role of President.  No one else expressed interest in being elected to a club officer position.  Bob was then nominated, seconded, voted and approved and is our new President. All other officer positions will remain the same, with Pete as Vice President, Matt as Safety officer, and Stuart as Treasurer/Secretary.  Bob does not have an email address or text messaging but you can call him on his land-line phone at 503-842-5083 if you need to talk to him.  Jon Nelson offered to take over the care and feeding of the Club’s Facebook page from Steve.  He said he would give Steve a call about it.

The Tillamook Area was selected to be one of the FAA’s authorized UAV (drone) testing areas.  The designation should have no impact on our recreational flying activities because the zone is located offshore and at higher altitudes.  The club was contacted by the Port of Garibaldi in January asking for help with aerial filming of their dock reconstruction activity for historical documentation purposes.  I forwarded the message to Gary because that type of thing is right up Gary’s alley. Gary was happy to help, took on the project, and got lots of photos, video and he said the weather was very cooperative.  Rob Anderson described filming golf courses with a high end hexacopter setup with all the bells and whistles at our February meeting. It was a very interesting discussion.

The 2014 annual McMinnville RC Swap Meet will be held March 8th 9:00AM to 2:00PM  at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds, 2070 NE LAFAYETTE AVE. MCMINNVILLE, OR 97128.  I don’t know for sure how many of our members are planning to attend. Stan Ray said he will have a sales table at the event.  Also, the Umpqua Valley RC club sent us an email announcing a big RC garage sale Feb 22 in Roseburg Oregon.  I ran across this news article about a proposed new RC airfield in Hood River.  I bet those guys know how to fly in wind, being that they fly in the Columbia gorge and all.

In news from further away, here is a video of an ardent African aircraft builder who I sympathize with when thinking back to some of my own creations. Here is an impressive video of fallen rock destruction filmed from an RC multi-rotor in Italy.

Our 2014 AMA Club Charter and insurance renewal forms arrived in the mail. I will send the completed paperwork to AMA prior to their March deadline.

The Warehouse-Tillamook fitness gym

New fitness gym in Tillamook

New fitness gym in Tillamook

New Tillamook fitness gym to open on April 7th

A new fitness facility has opened in Tillamook called THE WAREHOUSE – Strength and Conditioning.  This new gym features circuit training style of exercise similar to that of a Crossfit gym.  This gym also offers additional specialized training, camps, clinics, and classes in several disciplines such as wrestling, MMA, and more.  Their circuit training equipment and the circuit style exercise classes allow people to participate in group exercises while at the same time adjusting just the right amount of exercise for each individual so you will get an effective workout no matter what fitness stage you currently have reached.  The group exercise experience adds an enjoyable social dynamic that helps to spur everyone’s motivation, giving you a much better workout which means better results as well. There are plenty of time slots for open gym and individual sessions as well.

The gym is located in a brand new warehouse space built by the Port of Tillamook Bay on the airbase just two miles south of Tillamook. The gym is run by Rex Metcalfe, Laurie Rieger, and Rachel Hagerty who have considerable expertise in a number of fitness and sports disciplines. When you become a member they will give their personal attention to your fitness goals. For more information you can view their brochure, contact their Facebook page, call their phone numbers 503-842-4245 or 503-812-3465,  Email them at,  or visit them at their gym facility at 6002 Blimp Blvd., Suite A, Tillamook, Oregon 97141.

This post is not exactly RC related however a couple North Coast RC Modelers members (myself included) have family ties to the owners this new business and we want to help promote it, so check it out if you want to be healthy and get yourself back in shape.  The membership rates are inexpensive and are a very sensible investment for your health.


October – November News

The season has wound down and there has not been not a lot of newsworthy activity lately. A few people still sneak a flight or two into an occasional dry sunbreak. The airfield is ready for winter. The canopy was taken down. The toilet was dumped & winterized. The field has been rolled and was kept well mowed through October, but grass will somewhat tall over the winter because of fewer dry weather mowing opportunities. I left the wind socks up but may take them down to prevent shredding by winter storms.

The October and November club meetings were attended by about 5 or 6 of us.  Pete volunteered to do the Christmas gift baskets, thanks Pete. We noted that a few of the table and startup stands need replacing soon.  Gary said he can get some high quality plywood for the table tops. We noted that the Welcome sign will be removed, and possibly replaced as it has deteriorated as well.

Chuck Atwood from Nestucca Bend, near Beaver, stopped by the airfield in mid October and inquired about selling several RC models that he inherited from his son.  He has about 6 or 7 planes with motors and electronics, includes two transmitters. He said they include an unbuilt P-38 kit, a partially completed P-82 (twin Mustang), a completed Twinstar, a huge flying wing pusher, an complete A-26 twin, and a completed Protege sport trainer.  Also includes fabric, balsa, fuel, etc, etc. He was not sure about any details, but I suspect that the stuff is only a few years old, 2-stroke nitro powered, probably 72 MHZ, from Tower Hobbies.  He was hoping to sell it as a single lot for around $1000. He would probably consider your offer if you make one.  I probably should not post his phone number on the internet but if you call me at (503) 842-7893 I will give it to you.

September News

Meeting - The September meeting was held early (on Aug 28th). We spent the entire meeting repairing tables and sprucing up the airfield for the Fun-fly.

New Photos – I posted some photos of the 2013 Fun-fly Event. They were sent to us by Jim Pearson, President of the Astoria RC club.  I will eventually post more photos taken by Pete in that same photo gallery location.

Astoria trip - The fall Astoria trip was postponed until next season due to scheduling conflicts.

Ultimate FPV video – If you enjoy FPV flight then you need to watch this FEV (first eagle view) video.  It’s not exactly radio controlled, but its still very inspiring.

2013 Event – A Grand Fun-fly!

funfly-2013-bAn impressive turnout of Club members, visiting pilots, family and friends combined with perfect flying weather, a freshly mowed airstrip, and great picnic fare made our recent fun-fly one of the best ever.  About thirty folks took part at one time or another during the day.  A special Club meeting several days earlier to help prepare the field made us a bit uneasy—it rained and blew much of the time.  But Mother Nature sure shined on us during the event itself.  Aircraft displayed and flown ranged from older biplanes to quad-copters and large aerobatic and 3-D airplanes.  Club Pres Steve cooked up some great dogs and burgers that were supplemented by potluck dishes brought by others—including those visiting from elsewhere (thanks, undoubtedly, to the spouses, not the pilots).
In addition to the nine or ten Club members who participated, five pilots came down from the Astoria club, one fellow from the Evergreen Museum club and his wife came from McMinnville, and we even had a visitor from Florida who was traveling through the area and saw our event advertised on the Club Web site.
One other thing that made this year’s fun-fly more fun (especially for those who helped organize and run it) was that we kept it very informal—no registration, no pilot fees, and just a donation jar for the food and drinks.  All in all, the day could not have been nicer—there weren’t even any major, aircraft-destroying crashes!  It made everyone look forward to a repeat performance next year.

August News

2013 Tillamook Funfly

Event news - The Aug 31st fun-fly event details are HERE.  September’s club meeting was held early (on Aug 28th, at the Airfield. It was a work group meeting and we spruced a few things up.  Invitations to the Fun Fly were emailed on 8/7/13 to members, some former club members, and nearby RC club contacts.  If you didn’t get the message and want to be on the mailing list then send your current email address to me ( or (503) 842-7893.  Spread the word that guest flyers and spectators are welcome.

Website news - The photo gallery feature is currently broken.  It happened because of a website photo gallery  software upgrade. I won’t try fixing it for a couple weeks until I have more time for tinkering, because the fix could start off by making things worse.

Meeting minutes - The August 5th meeting had about 5 members attending.  We talked about prepping for the fun fly.  We decided to move the next meeting to Aug29th at the Airfield.  We talked about replacing mower blades and noted the wasps in toilet structure.  We caught up on the status of people’s various aircraft issues. Matt described a 3-D printer he recently acquired.  We talked about aerospace technology and then adjourned around 8:45 PM.

Wasp Warning – The toilet has yellow jackets nesting inside it.  Be careful if you are allergic.  I put a can of wasp spray on a shelf in the toilet.

The OMAS airshow was the subject of a news article in the Oregonian newspaper’s web site Oregon Live.

July Club News

Meeting notes
Our July meeting was on the 1st, about 5 or 6 people attended.  We recognized the recent and future airfield improvements such as a new windsock, table painting, fences, etc.  Our safety officer reminded us of the increased fire danger due to the warm weather and recommended we use extra caution in the event of a crash.  We watched video taken from a camera mounted on Matt’s quad.  It included the moment that one of his props broke mid-flight and the resulting stability loss and crash.  The sturdiness of various types of electric props and appropriate application was discussed.


June News

Meeting minutes – June 4th

5 people attended the June meeting. We made more plans for the Aug 31st Fun Fly event, went over a checklist, assigned a few tasks to people and decided what supplies are needed.

There was some discussion on changing the runway and airfield layoutStuart suggested moving tables, chairs benches and barriers back away from the middle of the runway about 10 feet to allow a little wider landing area.  Bob suggested rotating the entire west edge of the runway turning it away from the creek to make it wider towards the north.  In the end we finally agreed the runway is plenty wide just the way it is and do neither. It is about 60 to 70 feet wide over its full 300 foot length depending on how far out the pilot stations are placed. We did agree on a couple of minor changes though.  We will locate the shade canopy right next to the setup tables this year and we will remove the North half of the barrier fence so that it does not block use of that shade canopy.  Removing that portion of the barrier will also open up a tight corner that is very difficult to mow.

Maintenance was discussed. It was noted that the warm-up benches are starting to fall apart but it was also noted that we rarely use more than one or two at a time, because most people have gone electric, so two is probably plenty.  The setup tables are still functional but do need staining again.  The creek bank is encroaching on its barrier fence (behind the storage shed) so that fence will need to be moved a bit. most fence posts are leaning and need to be reset.  A blade is probably bent on the green mower causing mowing stripes. Trash needs to be dumped.  The shade canopy still needs to be set up.  The toilet seems OK but its status will need to be checked shortly before the fun fly event. We decided to have a work party day on Sunday June 30th and try to tackle some of those jobs after (or before) the flying that day.

Club Inbox – June email messages

The USA pattern team sent this message requesting our help funding their trip to South Africa to compete. The Woodburn Dusters sent a notification about two events they are hosting; Bigger Bird on June 22-23 for larger aircraft and Doolittle Days July 6-7 for golden age racers and war birds from the Jimmy Doolittle era.  South Lane RC Modelers invited us to attend their fun fly event called War Birds Over the Pacific that will be held in Cottage Grove, Oregon on July 12th through 14th.

2013 Tillamook Fun Fly Event is August 31st

2013-fun-flyTillamook’s 2013 Fun Fly is Saturday August 31st which is on Labor Day weekend.  We will fly radio control airplanes, helicopters and multi-rotors at the North Coast RC Modelers’ airfield 7.5 miles south of Tillamook Oregon.  Everyone is invited to participate and there will be plenty of chairs for spectators.  No entry fees.  No special rules or requirements other than the basic AMA stuff.  It starts at 8:30 but people will arrive throughout the morning and will leave throughout the afternoon.

What models can I bring? Are flights limited? 

Bring any variety, size or type of RC aircraft. The airfield’s 300×80 foot grass runway is suitable for almost everything.  We can set up a glider winch for motorless thermal gliders if it happens to be a good thermal day.  Normally the event is not overcrowded so giant sized airplanes and helicopters should be able to fly a couple 3-D flights while having the sky all to themselves.   There will be no mandatory flight patterns but we recommend announcing runway approaches and crossings, and maybe have a spotter help watch for air traffic if the sky becomes crowded.

What about food and amenities?

Some coffee and donuts will be set out in the morning, with hot dogs, buns, chips and bottled water at noon for a free self-serve lunch.  We will have a grill available if you want to bring something different to cook for your lunch. Lunch tables, setup tables, run-up stands and plastic chairs will be available.  There is a toilet on-site, we might have a generator for electricity. There is no overnight parking.

Where is it?

It is 7.5 miles south of Tillamook Oregon along the west side of Highway 101, behind a farm at street address 13990 Highway 101Signs along the Highway tell you which driveway. (map) (satellite) (panorama)

If you have questions, call Steve (503) 812-4394 or Stuart (503) 842-7893, or send a message.

Hope you and your friends can come.

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